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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Jul 25, 2002 3:38 PM Flag


    1. I am starting to think that maybe none of us armchair warriors and armchair diplomats should be saying anything about the situation in Israel - since we do not live there -
    we do not really know what it must be like to be living under the constant and continued threat of TERRORISM.

    2. I believe it is a KNOWN fact that A**H****
    like Shehada purposely surround themselves with civilians - babies - children - they don't care - as human SHIELDS.

    3. Why the HUGE outcry that a few children were killed when Shehada and his MURDEROUS ilk encourage teenagers to become "martyrs"?

    They should be PROUD then, according to their sick, nihilistic values that children were killed. More young "martyrs" for them!

    4. Shehada's 14-year old daughter was killed.
    You know what - you can call me whatever names you like for saying this - I really don't care that she was killed!!! I look at her - as just another HOMICIDE-BOMBER-IN-TRAINING.
    Maybe the children who were killed were the HOMICIDE BOMBERS of the class of 2010.

    5. Shehada was the #1 MOST WANTED on Israeli's list of terrorists.

    He was responsible for orchestrating the MURDERS of HUNDREDS of Israeli citizens and the MAIMING of HUNDREDS more in the past 22 months.

    Hamas has claimed responsibility for at least 21 HOMICIDE attacks in the last 22 months.


    If there was collaterol damage - so be it...
    THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR...unfortunately...

    6. I am not an Israeli, I don't live in Israel, I've never been to Israel, but when I read statements like the following - I am AMAZED at the amount of restraint the people of Israel and Israel's defense forces show.

    "It was a massacre and an awful crime carried out against our innocent children."
    (a quote from the bastion of BS - Yasser Araft)

    If I were an Israeli I would feel SUFFOCATED -
    I would feel like EXPLODING from the HYPOCRISY of such Palestinian Propaganda.

    These words from the "leader" of a people that teach their children starting in PRE-SCHOOL to hate Israelis and Jews - teach them that their highest goal in life is kill Israelis and Jews.

    7. Ukkie and Captschnorrer - I am starting to believe there is no hope - the situation in Israel - is untenable - and NOT because of the Israelis - this is not a "schoolyard scrap" -
    WAKE UP!!

    This is one battle in the war between Western Democracy and the Forces of Nihilism in the Arab World.

    And I fear, we are going to lose...

    As POGO would say -

    "I have seen the enemy...and it is us..."

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    • Dizzy-

      with all due respect, I find it curious that you would begin your post suggesting that those of us who do not live in Israel should keep their mout shut, as we do not know what it must be like to live under the threat of TERRORISM.

      Then, of course, you proceed to ignore your own advice and let it be known that, even though you do not live there, you are GLAD that there was collatoral damage, and that hopefully the missile killed the terrorists of the class of 2010. By your own reasoning, I would respectfully suggest to you that until you live in the apartment block targetted by that F16, you are really in no position to comment.

      Your rhetoric is just sick, and will not, in my opinion, win the war. Until you are ready to wade into the palestinian neighborhoods and personally murder these defenseless children (and adults, and all other unarmed and innocent people--there still are some in the arab world, you know, despite Israel's best efforts to turn moderates the world over against Israel's cause), I won't take you too seriously. There are too many other bigots out there to focus on who could do some real damage.

      We all know this is no school yard scrap. I consider the Israel/Palestinian issue, and have for long since before 9/11, to be the best hope man has in this day of age to show the world that there is still hope. Until there is peace and fair borders, there is really very little hope.

      For all who are offended by my posts, I sincerely apologise. It was not my intention to offend. I am simply one man out in cyberspace who wishes to express how I feel. I believe that anyone, anywhere, has the right to comment on historical events in front of our eyes. Some may choose to shroud their opinions in historical facts and comparative evil (or good), some may choose to comment about what is in front of their face, some may speak from the heart, and some may speak from their miserable and hopeless souls.

      • 1 Reply to l_ukkie
      • 1. Where in my post did I say I am "GLAD that there was collaterol damage, and that hopefully the missle killed the terrorists of the class of 2010?"

        I said Re: Shehada -

        And I am.
        Would you be glad if you knew the United States got Osama and his cohorts?
        Shehada was a brutally evil, barbaric orchestrator of MURDER.

        Yesterday, USA printed just a PARTIAL list of killings for which Hamas has been responsible.
        Between June 1, 2001 and June 18, 2002 -

        Hamas claimed responsibility for HOMICIDE bombings that killed 150 in Israel
        (including BTW -
        28 in DSY's home town).

        Tell me, Ukkie, how would YOU feel if 28 people in your home town were killed by HOMICIDE bombers during the past year?

        And remember, this is just a PARTIAL list and it doesn't include the hundreds of Israelis who have been permanently maimed.

        2. I said - "If there was collaterol damage - so be it...
        THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR...unfortunately..."

        and -

        "Maybe the children who were killed were the HOMICIDE BOMBERS of the class of 2010."

        Where did I say "hopefully the missle killed the terrorists of the class of 2010?"

        See, this is what the Islamic spin machine, the Palestinian Propagandists, and the biased within the Western media are so adept at.

        Just twist a word here, a word there.

        2. And while we are talking about misquotes.
        Here is what Sharon said about the incident -

        from Ha'aretz
        Tuesday, July 23, 2002 Av 14, 5762

        "Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Tuesday that the IAF air strike which killed the head of Hamas's military wing overnight Tuesday was a 'great success' but expressed regret over the deaths of 14 other Palestinians in the attack.
        'We of course have no interest striking civilians and are always sorry over civilians who were struck'."

        3. And finally,
        How am I ignoring my own advice?

        Please let me know where in this post you find me telling the Israelis what they should or should not be doing?

        I'm sorry that I did not express my sentiments clearly enough.

        I should have stated -

        "None of us armchair warriors and armchair diplomats should be telling the State of Israel what to do."

        I did not mean to suggest that we do not have the right to express our opinions about the situation in Israel - but I STRONGLY SUGGEST that unless we are living in Israel-

        We have no right to be telling the Israelis what they should or should not be doing to protect their own citizens.

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