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  • dont_sell_yet dont_sell_yet Jul 31, 2002 10:06 AM Flag

    IT'S A 0 OR 1 GAME HERE !!

    This has boiled down to the laws of the jungle:

    kill, or get killed.

    black or white. No gray in the middle.

    it is either us, or them.

    you either do what you have to in order to live - or you die!

    this is an endgame for survival and each and every one of you has to pick sides.

    it's time to put down the m-16s & bring out the f-16s, with the clear intention of wiping out whole neighborhoods, buildings and so called "civilians" alike, until a white flag is seen from every palestinian home. They should be cursing the day they were born by now.

    bombs should be flying over the skies of gaza and the west bank 24/7 until they crawl back to us on all 4, *begging* that we stop, cursing the day they have brought this response upon themselves.

    trying to catch them only when they get to our neighborhoods is pure idiocy. The only way to stop them is by showing them in advance that **the price that the families they leave behind them will be so high, that the solution of terror does not exist for them. Period. **

    the only solution against terrorism is *brutal force* with the intention of *crushing* the enemy to the ground. This includes all those "civilians" who idolize the terrorists and do not fight with all their strength to vomit them from within their society. Such civilians are not civilians, they are associates of terrorism, and as such - have the same fate as their heros.

    if this occurred in your streets in the us and europe - you'd be demanding the same response after the 1st week!

    we have been living like this for *years*.

    if you still don't understand, you probably never will, and all my words are useless!!

    i can only pray for the souls of all the bullshit liberals once this situation hits their own neighborhoods. Read my lips when i tell you it's only a matter of time before the muslims do the same in europe and the us.

    i am not religious, and do not believe in god or the devil, but if the devil exists - the muslims are his sons!

    it is time for everyone to understand that there is good and evil in this world and these two exist side by side in different dimensions and parallel universes which will never meet.

    it is either us, or them. No in-between.

    the muslims had enough time to try and adjust to the world. They failed to do so in the most horrible way.

    no, they should pay the price.


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    • Magal's products will help prevent the passing of Muslim Terrorists from your homeland, Canada (thanks to Dizzy for bringing that to my attention), into the USA, a step which your Canadian government doesn't seem to be doing at all.

      Canada is a hot-house for potential terrorists, since your liberal immigration policy, low awareness of border security and detachness from the rest of the world (upon choice) is just what they need.

      I don't see any reason why I should appologize to a Canadian, especially when he seems to be an Arab immigrent himself.

      Byw, Are you aware of the fact that another innocent Israeli civilian was lynched today by the barbaric animals?


    • More DUMB FUC> baloney..."Get it through your fascist, genocidal, maniacal skulls, you don't have to be Arab or Muslim to despise what Israeli Apartheid has done to the Palestinian people and to prospects for peace in the ME. Until the start of the latest Entifada, I was staunchly pro-Israeli on these issues. I also realized I knew very little of the facts."

      Does anyone believe he was ever Staunchly Pro-Israeli? Can anyone who so blatantantly lies be trusted with truthful knowlege of any facts?

      Imagine the wording as such "Get it through your fascist, genocidal, maniacal skulls, you don't have to be Israeli or Jewish to despise what Palestinian murderers have done to the Israeli people and to prospects for peace in the ME. Until the start of the latest Entifada, I was staunchly pro-Palestinian on these issues. I also realized I knew very little of the facts."

      I don't think anyone in their right mind can make statements like that unless they've been Brainwashed.

    • DUMB F*CK -

      Are you still here?

      The one thing this NYC woman knows about Cockroaches is -
      It's hard to get rid of them -
      They keep coming back.

      And what is your point about these links?
      That there are Jewish and Israeli A**HOLES?
      That you know the websites of the Islamic Spin Machine?

      I'm not sure who HooDoo is, or where he came from - but he is not threatening you.
      He is simply the voice of Reality.
      The oracle who sees where we are all headed...

      Yeah, radiation is no fun -
      It annihilates the good along with the malignant.
      Its effects are felt for many years after.
      It is not the best solution.
      But sometimes there are no other options.

      It's Kill or be Killed...

      So feel free to respond.
      Call me names.
      Let your insults fly.
      Have the last word if you want.
      It doen't matter anymore.


      "There is simply no point in arguing with someone whose thoughts and perceptions are so distorted.

      Keeping one's silence for reasons such as these is not at all an indication of passivity or weakness, but rather a wise conclusion that it is futile to enter into a discussion or argument with someone WHO LACKS THE CAPACITY TO PERCEIVE REALITY."

      (Let Us Make Man, Abrahman J. Twerski)

    • You actually seem to be threatening nuclear anihilation. Is genocide the solution to all your woes? What do you think will happen when Israel obliterates Gaza? The West Bank? The Arab capitals? Do you really think there will be an Israel then? Or an Israel worth living in? Why don't you just get the F..K off the land that was brutally cleansed and begin dispensing appropriate compensation in return for a repudiation of the right of return. Then maybe Israel can be trusted.

      As far as Muslims killing Muslims. Shutup. That's BS. Israel occuppies Palestine, not Egypt, not Algeria, not Jordan. If I'm not mistaken those US made F-16s have Israeli colours painted on them, not Iraqi. If Arabs have issues, fine, let them deal with them amongst themselves. That doesn't change the fact Israel is an occupying bully.

      One last thing. I am not Arab, I am not Muslim. I am Christian, white, of European (Italian) decent, born in and proud to be Canadian. Get it through your fascist, genocidal, maniacal skulls, you don't have to be Arab or Muslim to despise what Israeli Apartheid has done to the Palestinian people and to prospects for peace in the ME. Until the start of the latest Entifada, I was staunchly pro-Israeli on these issues. But I also realized I knew very little of the facts. I had studied and was horrified by the Holocaust, so I just assumed that a people that were the victims of the most vile, orchestrated genocide in human history could never be responsible for any kind of abuse of power. I was wrong. A study of the pathetic "generous offer" made at Camp David was like a slap in the face. A Study of events further back made it clear that Israel never had any intention of doing anything but seizing and cleansing all the land it could remotely identify as "Greater Israel"

      Israel is the aggressor. Nothing will change until it ends the occupation. It is never incumbant upon the occupied to talk of peace unless the occupations ends. Check the history books. In fact, check a few written by Israelis recently.

      Here are a few links, all Israeli or Jewish, but for one exception:

      The only non-Israeli or Jewish link:

      And in today's Haaertz Op/Ed:

      And let's not forget this gem:

      OK, pile on. Call me a terrorist, call me anti-semite, whatever. Oh yeah, one of you fascists actually suggested that Israeli intelligence was watching me. Sorry, I live in a democracy. I have rights; you know, those are the things that have Palestinians have been deprived of by Israeli Apartheid for 54 years. You should try it sometime, the democracy I mean. Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is that you defend your point of view by trying to intimidate me with such foolishness? It means you don't believe your own BS. Pathetic, all of you.

      Bye, bye. Don't forget to average down on MAGS, all the way down.

    • "This happened in every single instance since
      the United Nations granted Israel a homeland in 1948."

      The United Nations asked Israel to do many things since then, all ignored by the Ethnic Cleansing scum that have always managed to make it into the Israeli government. The land beyond the original 54% granted Israel by the UN was terrorized and cleansed of its Arab citizenry, 750,000 worth in 1948, and many more in the ensuing years, capped off by '67. If you want history books, I suggest Benjamin Morris and Amira Hass, both Israelis. There are in fact a whole slew of modern Israeli historians who have debunked the myths of the "land without a people", or the "cowardly Arabs who ran away" or "the existential threat to Israel that existed in June of '67". Israel has behaved like any other expansionist, racist, imperial power. It was given a portion of the land by the UN, decided it wasn't enough, and before declaring independence, it brutalized, used murder and/or terror to cleanse 750,000 Arab civilians from the land. Remember Dar Yassin? Why don't you just admit that you want all the land, regardless of who has lived there for 2,000 years? You can't be both the light among nations and the most effective ethnic cleanser since Apartheid South Africa and Slobadon Milosovic. Choose.

      Israel is the occupying power, the aggressor and in the wrong. It just so happens that the whole world is in agreement on this, except for the most powerful nation on the planet. That will change when it becomes politically expedient for it to change. You're pinning your hopes on US politics? In 50 years, you won't recognize US politics. Check the demographics. Better do the right thing now, before it is too late.

    • More Arabs are killed by fellow Arabs than by anyone else. Jordan is allowing only a trickle of Palestinians to enter her land (and only after depositing several thousand dollars to ensure they leave) because JORDANIANS DON'T TRUST PALESTINIANS EITHER. Arabs plainly do not trust each other. Are you by any chance aware of the number of Muslims killed by fellow Muslims in Algeria? IT'S GOING ON RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THESE WORDS. I won't even elaborate on all the countries where Muslims kill Muslims. I know you know. Remember that famous adage: "Trust in God but tie your camel at night"?

      I'll wager that if Palestinians stop their insane homicide bombings and all other murderous acts then defensive military actions against Palestinian people will cease as well. Go ahead. You go first. Trouble is there is no central Palestinian leadership and no one trusts each other. The mania is quite evident. What I fear is that an F16 missile into an apartment building will be child's play compared to what can really be unleashed if this madness doesn't stop. By the way, why aren't you there in the West Bank supporting your brethren rather than across the ocean in Canada away from the madness? BECAUSE YOU DON"T LIKE IT EITHER?Or are you planning some terrorist acts of your own here in North America?

      Also, stop the proliferation of bullshit. ARAB LANDS WERE NOT STOLEN. Your people made some bad choices in the past. Own up to it. Admit it. And you know what? You'd probably have your homeland again. If I didn't want my land taken, I sure wouldn't be starting a war. This happened in every single instance since the United Nations granted Israel a homeland in 1948. Read bona fide history books to discover truth. It's the only key to ending this insanity. But, of course, I'm certain that even this post will go unheeded by you. You are so filled with poisonous and self-destructive brainwashing that pushes any viable solution away from realizing reality. I am truly afraid that the cancer of terrorism will be eradicated - the way cancers are eradicated, by radiation. Do you have any idea how that radiation will occur? That truly scares me. BUT IT COULD HAPPEN if you back your enemy into a corner. WILL YOU WANT THE LAND THEN?

      So your beginning sentence to dizzy can be reversed to read (and I quote you except for the the reversal): "When you understand that the life of a 19 year old Israeli is equal to the life of any 19 year old Palestinian, then there will be hope for peace." Exactly when will Muslims begin to respect human life including each other?


    • ..."most of the MAGS longs on this board are just selfish and disgusting fascists, who would gladly exterminate a whole people for a few dollars in share value. There is a special place in hell waiting for you. It's a shame dizzy, that you're grooming your own children for the same fate."

      I hope you ARE done here DUMB F*CK!!

      You obviously are not a person who would invest anything in an Israeli company and are only on these message boards to spew your Pro-Palestinian Propaganda.

      Get off these message boards and take all your Muslim Extremists with you.

      I bet you ALL danced in the streets after 9/11, just like the Palestinians.

      It was your Muslim Extremist Buddies who flew those planes into the WTC.
      I was born and raised in Manhattan - not far from the WTC.
      That was MY city you attacked.
      Those were MY people you killed.

      I WILL NEVER forget who danced in the streets to celebrate that slaughter - just the same way they dance in the streets to celebrate the slaughter of innocent Israelis.

      You are NO FRIEND of the United States of America -
      unlike the State of Israel which has ALWAYS been our ally.

      I'm old enough to remember the Summer of 1981 when Israel took out Iraq's nuclear reactor.
      We owe Israel a debt for that incredible military strike that we will never be able to repay.

      I hope that we do NOT attack Iraq because undoubtedly Israel will once again bear the brunt of Saddam's insanity the way she did in 1991.

      DUMB F*CK -


      The Israelis did not take to the streets and cheer when the American citizens were MURDERED at Hebrew University -
      but the Palestinians DID!!

      You say there is a special place waiting in Hell for me -
      GREAT! I'll see YOU there!!
      YOU don't scare me!
      I've already seen HELL on Earth.
      I've already been there!!

      And as you love to say -
      "The Whole World is Watching" - YOU -
      DUMB F*CK!!
      I bet all the US and Israeli intelligence agencies are monitoring your every move online because they know -
      not me...

      and you know who to take with you...

    • When you understand that the life of a 19 year old Palestinian is equal to the life of any 19 year old Israeli, then there will be hope for peace. Until then you are the problem. You are advocating genocide, justifying it in the very same language that was used by the Nazis, calling 'them' non-human. If you are teaching this to your duaghter, she is doomed. It's her I feel sorry for. You're pathetic excuse for a mother. "They" you twit, are humanity!!!

      End the occupation, give back what was stolen, return what does not belong to you, compensate them for the property they were cleansed from in '48, and then there can be honest discussions. Until then, you, the settler fascists and Sharon the Butcher will continue to drive Israel closer to oblivion.

      Innocent Israelis of all ages will continue to die, because innocent Palestinians of all ages continue to die under occupation and state sponsored terrorism; but you can take comfort in the fact that Israel currently has a 3:1 kill ratio supperiority.

      End the occupation. Until then, anything Israel says or does is just BS, lies and and more lies. You are the occupier. You are the bad guys,. Sorry, but that's the way history will see it. Until you end the occupation, there is nothing for the occupied to do but resist with everything they have. I've noticed they don't have F-16s or Merkava tanks, Apache gunships, modern artillery, 1-ton bombs, all courtesy of the US tax payer. So, they have to make do with what they have. Just end the occupation. Get the F..K off the land. It's not yours. People are willing to die, and kill, for their homes and for the children's futures, or haven't you noticed?

      You're pathetic and evil. After everything you know about the Holocaust, you would advocate Genocide? It's scares me to think you're a woman, and a mother.

      I'm done here, most of the MAGS longs on this board are just selfish and disgusting fascists, who would gladly exterminate a whole people for a few dollars in share value. There is a special place in hell waiting for you. It's a shame dizzy, that you're grooming your own children for the same fate.

    • After the events of the past 24-hours in Israel, it seems there may be no adequate words left to say.

      A picture said it all for me today.
      Ha'aretz has a picture of Sgt. Yifat Gavriell, one of the victims of today's horror.
      She was only 19 years old.
      And from her picture, a beautiful young woman.
      I don't know anything about her except that her life was brutally taken by the forces of pure Evil.

      You were correct dumb f*uck when you wrote to me -
      "By the way dizzy, you are human, but as history teaches us, humans can be monsters too."

      Only your twisted mind cannot tell good from evil.
      And, I am started to fear there is no hope for humanity, because your kind is multiplying like cockroaches, spreading your disease and filth, until someday, you will overrun the earth.

      The Palestinians who cheered in the street today at the deaths of Sgt. Gavriell and the other innocents lost today -


      And yes - I stand by what I wrote before - They - and all like them - need to be exterminated before they infiltrate our souls -
      and take away our humanity.

      These are NOT beings created in the image of god. These are truly the devil's offspring.

      And I cannot stop thinking about the unbearable grief in the heart of the Mother of this 19-year old whose life was so callously and cruelly interrupted today by pure Evil.

      And I realize how lucky I am.
      Today, I help my beautiful almost 19 year old daughter pack for her journey to college in another state -

      While a Mother in Israel sends her daughter on a very different journey...

      I Pray for Yifat and her Mother...and all those who loved her...
      I Pray for all the People of Israel...

    • Oh yeah, sorry about that. Fascist posts do alike to me . My apologies.

      You're calling me a bigot? You misreable hypocrit! You are unbelieveable. This is what you wrote just yesterday I believe, in reference to the Palestinians:

      "I do not consider whipping out their entire population from the face of the planet to be
      genocide because genocide in my definition of the word would mean the killing of HUMAN BEINGS and THEY are not HUMAN BEINGS."

      You are a monster. Do you have any idea what and who and when you sound like? They are not human, you say? What would they be then? Are you teaching your children these things?

      You are doing your level best, via the strangulation of the occupation and all the brutlaity that it entails, to deprive the Palestinians of their humanity, but you won't succeed. History will judge the occupier and the enslaver only. Your fences will be historical testimony to your brutality. Look around the planet, fences stand everywhere as relics of racism, totalitarianism and ignorance. They all failed. Only the archaeologists and anthroppologists are interested in them now. It seems Israel and it's settler/Sharon fascists think only of today. The Arabs know that today passes, they are patient, they will have children by the boatload and before you know it, Israelis will simply leave. The Arabs have time and patience on their side. Israelis are essentially western and enjoy their creature comforts too much. As the situation becomes increasingly hopeless, they will simply leave.

      Or, Israel, currently the stronger party, can make the moral choice now, and give back a little of what was stolen, just 22% of historical Palestine, every last inch occupied in '67. The choice is yours. The world is watching.

      By the way dizzy, you are human, but as history teaches us, humans can be monsters too. What a horrible man you must be to have said what you said, and meant it.

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