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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Aug 9, 2002 11:50 AM Flag

    so now you know!!!

    Who Cares!!!

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    • No NAZIdaq...I am Katman11072002 and I've never posted under any other name.

      Your post shows exactly what kind of an ass you are.....

      Hey, why don't you try a new name; instead of about


      Cause your a Nazi, alligned with the Devil, and you've been busted........ASS

    • Out of all things, you want to talk about Trust?!! How funny, but that is what you lost when you got EXPOSED!!! You lied to all board members posting as two or three different people?!!!
      I want to address you with a name but unfortunately I don�t know what should I call you with?
      Which name you want to be called with today ? is it Dizzy bitch, katman, DSY, Perma bear, or �., I decided to call you with the new name �Hitler� !!! what do you think??!! look at the bright side he is not a Palestinian :)

      Hitler, why do you want to talk to the Palestinians??!! just kill them all and you solved the problem!! hey build some ovens and use their body fat to make soap$$$$�see how I can give you ideas. You don�t have to thank me.
      Hitler, not only you dehumanized the Palestinians but lets not forget the (occupation, land theft, home demolition, humiliation, exile and the massacres of their men/women/kids)!! So why in the world you want to reason and talk with them. Kill them all�
      Hitler, you need to remember �a good Arab is a dead Arab�. You are the best race god put on this earth. All others are worthless have no right to your god promised land so kill them all�

      Hitler, good luck with your holocaust...

    • To all MAGS message board readers......

      Does this sound like a post of a sane person?

      by: nasdaq_1000bust
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 08/14/02 04:38 pm
      Msg: 3091 of 3092

      "Dizzy bitch or what ever in HELL you go by nowadays. You�ve been EXPOSED!!!
      You are no better than these suicide bombers or the Israeli Terror Forces IDF. If there is hell, I know you are the Chosen One to rotten in it with Sharon and the rest of his killer terror forces.

      Say to Hitler and soon Sadam"

      Many Palestinian government officials rant in a way very similar to Nasdaq.

      If you were Israeli would you want to negotiate with someone like this?

      And could you trust there word?

    • Dizzy bitch or what ever in HELL you go by nowadays. You�ve been EXPOSED!!!
      You are no better than these suicide bombers or the Israeli Terror Forces IDF. If there is hell, I know you are the Chosen One to rotten in it with Sharon and the rest of his killer terror forces.

      Say to Hitler and soon Sadam

    • NASDAQ -

      Dizzy is Dead.

      She has gone to Hell,
      sends you her regards,
      and sees a reserved seat with YOUR NAME on it.

      All your Homicide Bomber Buddies are already there -
      each with 72 Geriatric Strippers.....
      who turned them down.

    • Katman/perma/dizzy bitch,
      You may still play your games of many identities and split personalities on a new board member. But please, not to me. I say cut the bullshit bitch. You�ve been EXPOSED!!!!! There is no justification to your actions other than you are a deceiving person. You knew everything you posted was a lie!!! You needed to spread your lies/propaganda. you wanted to make it look like it is coming from a majority (in a sense you wanted to feel that you were not the only sick person here).
      Every single liar on this board was cut posting as two separate people, why?!!!
      Please, stop the lies!!! It is not too late to do the right thing!!! end the occupation!! End the lies !!! end the abuse of Palestinians!!! End the killing of their kids!!!

      Katman/dizzy, why is that you never even mentioned the relationship until you got exposed. Is it because there no such thing as katman & dizzy?? Is it because katman is also another perma bear??
      Katman used to post as an American non-Jew how feels with Israel. I say, go back and read his/her posts never mentioning dizzy as his wife. In fact katman was created by dizzy to cheer her self. look at these post:

      Dizzy....Best Profile, Picture & Post! It would be nice to give an olfactory hound fart(Special Effects) for the people that deserve it - like df and shlockmaster(let's give Nasdaq a break). - by: katman1107200

      Thanks for all your posts..... DSY, Miggie, Rgillscap, Zaporozhetz, Williewoe, Vafn_goulo, and of course DIZZY. - by: katman11072002

      And my favorite post is this one!!! it sounds like katman sending wishes from his part of the world?!!!! Don�t you guys sleep on the same bed every night?!!!

      DSY - I'm with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let the so-called supporters of Israel get to you. I think they are just lacking some real knowledge of the history of Israel and the region. Best wishes from Katman. - by: katman11072002

      Stock Post, etc. - Anyone notice the nice finish that MAGS had the way, I SUPPORT DSY's and DizzyCoffee's remarks wholeheartedly. I agree that maybe Israel could have found a better way of taking out the Hamas A_S HOLE, but is not Israel allowed to make a mistake? We(the U.S.) happened to have killed scores of Afghans at a wedding party recently...maybe we should have double checked are info before dropping our bombs....but you don't see the U.N. have an emergency meeting about our you? - by: katman11072002

      Another cheerleading post for his so called bed wife!!!!

      Re: The Truth, as promised, Part 1,2,3 - DizzyCoffee....Best Posts Ever!!!! It would make a wonderful
      speech! - by: katman11072002

      another cheering post referring to his wife as NYC woman?!!!!

      Re: Nasdaq - I Warned You -part 2 - Nasdaq....Maybe the time has come for you to give up on these message boards...obviously you'll never change any minds(ie. NYC woman and others) you should stick to Arab and Palestinian web sites where I'm sure you're much appreciated...I bet even your buddy(sorry your God), David Duke might agree...Good luck with your disinformation...Who knows maybe you'll get a reward in the afterlife...but I'm sure it won't be in heaven....... - by: katman11072002

    • It Is You Who Is The Liar!!!!!!!!!

    • Great posts Dizzy. Busted & Stock disaster..nailed again. Ukkie wo'nt wake up.He is A self riteous,condescending embarassment.
      See you in A week.


      YOU WROTE -

      "I'd be truly surprised, Dizzy, if ANY of the regular posters would find all their heroes at this event."

      Ukkie - I wouldn't be surprised to find David Duke (for whom nasdaq_1000 and others appear to have an affinity) at this rally.

      YOU WROTE -

      "I've yet to see anyone show support of the celebrations in Gaza over the attack on Hebrew University, at least not in these pages. I think you try to hard to force dissenting voices as anti-semite, jew haters, etc. Frankly it is offensive when you suggest that the hardcore enemies of Israel and the jews are the friends of anyone who posts here."

      Ukkie -
      How long have you been reading the Magal message boards?
      Though I never posted myself until the end of March 2002, I started reading these boards right after September 11, 2001.

      I'm sorry if you find me or my sometimes abrasive NYC Woman language offensive -
      but I can tell you having read the MAGS message boards for 11 months now -

      There have most definitely been
      posting on these boards!!!

    • Against a wall filled with pictures of his heroes -- the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hitler, among others -- Huber denies that his bank has helped al Qaida, even as he gloats about his cohorts in the U.S. assuring him, �We will bring down the power of the Israel lobby.�

      Meanwhile, William Pierce, whose writings have inspired terrorism in America, has expanded the scope of his activities, granting interviews to Iranian radio and personally leading a recent demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. His 18-point list of demands was more strident than even those of the PLO, insisting that �Jewish interests are bent on world domination and genocide against Palestinians, Muslims, and people of European ancestry!�

      On yet another front, David Duke�s long-standing hatred for communism has not stood in his way as he cultivates ties with ex-communist antisemites in Russia and Eastern Europe. He justifies these new alliances as a crucial component in his efforts to counter what he sees as �the crisis faced by the White World.� He has met with extremists in France, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, and Great Britain.

      Of his travels, Duke writes, �All across the Western world, I see our racial consciousness growing, our movements increasing, our spirit rising. Everywhere, our people are putting aside petty differences and nationality divisions and understand that now we must have White Pride Worldwide and White Unity. Never have I been so encouraged.�

      While David Duke�s bombast is not new, his ability to find support for his racist rhetoric around the world as he and others like him build an international coalition of hate is both new and frightening...and it should be a source of concern and a call to action for you and me and all Center Members.

      Consider that the City of Light�s streets witnessed the largest anti-Jewish hate-fest since the World War II Vichy period...and little or no censure was heard from French authorities. Even journalists are shying away from covering acts of hate directed at Jews.

      Perhaps the situation shouldn�t shock us when we consider the recent incident involving the French Ambassador to St. James Court at a private dinner party in London. Ambassador Daniel Bernard, a close confidant of French President Jacques Chirac, was overheard saying, �Why should we be in danger of World War III because of these people?�

      The senior diplomat was not talking about Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, North Korea, or other nations harboring international terrorists. No, as he emphasized five times, he was referring to �that shitty little country, Israel.� Virtually no one protested the remark or demanded an apology.

      We at the Simon Wiesenthal Center were not shocked by this incident. For months, we have been tracking those among Europe�s elite who accept and even embrace antisemitism. The sobering truth is this: A generation after the Nazi Holocaust, too many in the new Europe are ready to stand in silent tribute for dead Jews, but have no time for the living.


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