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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Aug 9, 2002 2:06 PM Flag

    so now you know!!!

    L_ukkie -

    Here are some True Confessions for you.

    perma_bear is my ONLY alias.

    I can assure you that I AM NOT Katman.
    (He is my husband in real life -
    so I can say that with certainty.) ;-))

    Since DSY is a dear friend and he lives in Israel -
    I can also assure you that I AM NOT DSY.

    L_ukkie, I do care very much about the situation in Israel.
    But, I don't see any solution unless an effort is made to stop brainwashing the Palestinian children at a very young age to hate Jews and Israelis.

    The sight of the Palestinians cheering and dancing in the streets and distributing candies to celebrate the DELIBERATE MURDERING of innocent people is REPULSIVE BEYOND WORDS!!!

    How am I to respond to that kind of behavior except to say it is indeed SUB-HUMAN
    and INHUMAN.
    This is a tragedy beyond words.

    I visited three pre-schools this week (for work) and saw a rainbow of young children playing and eating and learning and reading together - black, jewish, christian, white, asian, hispanic, native american, muslim, arabic, etc.etc.etc.

    These children are taught to respect and appreciate diversity.
    They are not brainwashed that we must all be and think alike which is what the Islamic Extremists do.

    Children are not born hating each other.
    Hate is a learned response.

    L_ukkie, I am not as bad as you may think I am.
    Just feeling extremely frustrated and helpless at a situation over which I obviously have no control.

    I would like to think there could possibly be a political solution to all of this, but the more I have come to learn about and understand the psyche of muslim extremists, the more I become convinced that only a military action and defeat of these insane people who show such GLEE at the deaths of Innocents will offer any possibility of hope for the people of Israel.

    I fear that only after military defeat will rehabilitation and de-programming of the Palestinians be possible.

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    • Waw!!!
      Dizzy mocha = perma bear= katman =???
      Miggie = horrific= ????
      DSY = ilan_attir = ???
      vafn_goulo = ??? (I would guess Miggie)

      for all I care, they could be the same people!!!!

      Dizzy mocha/perma bear/??,
      I am really in great shock here!!! What in the world is going on here?!!! Why do you have to post as two people or god knows how many?!! We�ve already read your proposed solution �a holocaust� as DSY oh I mean Dizzy mocha?? Why did you have to post it again under the id of perma bear???

      What is your goal in life, kill, kill ??? Why do you guys have so much hate to the Palestinians??? Why are you fighting their existence their education their religion their way of life ( btw, Palestinians are not responsible for the extremists� I see no relation with the hate you posted and them as people fighting the Israeli occupation�)!!!! Who in the world put you as a judge and executor of them, was it Hitler??? What gives the right take their land, destroy their homes kill their kids/women/men. Judge your self before you judge them!!!! Their only guilt is they were living in your so called promise land for thousand of years before you came!!! Most of you, came from Europe and USA during the past 50 years!!! Live in peace, give them back some of what you stole, end the occupation, define your borders stop murdering kids!!!

      Haven�t you learned from the holocaust?!!! Palestinians are the victims of the victims!! Shouldn�t you sympathy a little??? shouldn�t stop your hate??? Shouldn�t you give peace a chance??? For the sake of what ever you believe in, stop your hate and racism!!!! If you want to change them start with yourselves. De-program yourselves first.

      • 2 Replies to nasdaq_1000bust
      • and all your friends on these boards.

        I will no longer dialogue with any of you.
        I will simply post the TRUTH as I see it.

        Having said to you before -
        "There is simply no point in arguing with someone whose thoughts and perceptions are so distorted."

        Since we all know that -
        Perception is Reality -
        It is MY PERCEPTION and MY REALITY that your viewpoints are distorted.

        Here is a list of others whose viewpoints (I believe)are distorted.

        And, YES - as you get such joy in pointing out -
        a few of these dangerous and delusional people are Jews and/or Israelis.

        Noam Chomsky
        Kathleen Christison
        Robert Fisk
        Amira Hass

        There are MANY others.
        Just check out the Electronic Intifada website for a complete bibliography of your Favorite PALESTINIAN PROPAGANDISTS.

        These are just the authors I have had a chance to read, so I know what they write is GARBAGE.

        I have still not decided about Benny Morris
        whom you took delight in referring to in one of your posts, having read several articles/interviews recently where he states he has been misquoted and his thesis have been mis-represented.

        An example of one such article is below.
        (If this link doesn't work - the article is from MEMRI 9 December 2001 and is called -

      • IMPORTANT!!
        To All the Anti-Semites reading the MAGS message boards:
        Don't miss this rally!!
        All your Heroes are sure to be there.

        "Jew-Hatred in America"
        Yaakov Reuven ben Hyka
        08 August 2002
        10,000 Palestinians in Gaza city celebrate the attack on Hebrew University. It�s terrible, but we need not worry, they are thousands of miles away. It will not happen here in America, not in my lifetime. Guess again. The Aryan Nation is having the largest gathering of White Nationalists in our nation�s Capitol since World War II. It will happen on Saturday, August 24, 2002. It�s called �Rock Against Israel, Washington, D.C.� If that is not scary enough, they also want you to know that "war makes strange bedfellows� the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Aryan Nation�s Ministry of Islamic Liaison is an outreach to develop a working relationship with the Muslim world.� As Jew hate world wide escalates, these two forces are joining together. They are putting out the word that it is for Muslims and Christians to join together and fight the real enemy. Both Christian Jew-haters and Muslim Jew-haters are adhering to the common thread that the attack on September 11 was certainly not about people hating our freedoms. It was purely in response to America�s foreign policy. It was primarily about US monetary and military support of Israel.

        Radio Islam�s home page says "Radio Islam is working to promote better relations between the West and the Muslim world. Radio Islam is against racism of all forms, against all kinds of discrimination of people based on their color of skin, faith or ethnic background. Consequently, Radio Islam is against Jewish racism toward non-Jews." Bottom line is that there is only one enemy - the Jews.

        New generations are being indoctrinated in the usual "hate" subjects:

        �The bible tells us that Jews were conceived through the union of Satan and Eve which produced Cain.�

        �The Jews claim that they are �the chosen people?� When they are the ones who crucified Yahshua.�

        �They are greedy.�

        �Jews are ugly and when they procreate with Aryans they take away from the most beautiful race on the planet.�

        �They want New World Order.�

        �Look at what they have done to Palestine.�

        �As White Glory said, they make hate necessary.�

        �They are ruining our country and our great Aryan family values.�

        �Everywhere Jews have lived, they were �persecuted� which should tell you something.�

        �Jews are really evil beings that follow the customs of men.�

        Kikes are just like other parasites which need to be eliminated.�

        To make it more �American� to hate Jews, the White Supremacists and Islamists have published supposed quotations by George Washington, Peter Styvesant, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin purporting to support their Jew-hatred.

        As we speak, Jew-haters have put out a call to look around in local communities and identify all Jews. �Let�s run this demonic Jewry from our shores or plant them where they stand.� Was Mohamed Hadayet, who gunned down two Jews and injured others at the El Al Israel Airlines counter at the Los Angeles airport on July 4, a test case to see how the Jews and the Government would respond? The fall festivals are approaching, how are we going to spiritually and physically awaken ourselves to potential threats?
        Yaakov Reuven ben Hyka writes from Philadelphia.

    • Dear Dizzy

      thanks for addressing my accusations. Knowing that you and katman are husband and wife, it somehow makes it easier to take your abuse! I mean that in the best possible way, I hope you understand.

      when you write:

      "How am I to respond to that kind of behavior except to say it is indeed SUB-HUMAN
      and INHUMAN.
      This is a tragedy beyond words......."

      I do appreciate what kind of pain would cause someone to feel as you do. And I don't appreciate the palestinian response, not at all. But to suggest palestinians are 'subhuman and inhuman' is not right. Some may cheer in the streets for the terrorists, others may cringe knowing what another attack will mean to the Palestinian people. People have been cheering against the opposition since the dawn of time. The cheering is sickening to see, I agree. Subhuman? No.
      I agree obviously that the extremists on the other side are worse than the extremists in Israel, and I don't equate military actions with terrorism. It isn't surprising to most of the world that such sickness and hatred is brewing among the Palestinians. Most of the world does not think of Palestinians as subhuman and inhuman.


      I fear that only after military defeat will rehabilitation and
      de-programming of the Palestinians be possible."

      What do you consider to be military defeat for the Palestinians? Squashing Arafat? That's arguably already been done. Stopping terrorists? Driving the Palestinians into Jordan?

      Do you think would happen, if the Palestinians suffered what you term a 'military defeat' you think it would help or hurt Israel's relationship with the rest of its neighbors?

      Are terrorist strikes likely to grow from other places? Do you see all out war for control of the ME? Do you envision Israel fighting with other countries?


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