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  • nasdaq_1000bust nasdaq_1000bust Aug 19, 2002 4:38 PM Flag

    FYI, ITF = IDF = Israeli Terror Forces

    Miggie, what would you say about the Germans if they had used some of the Jews in a similar practice? how do you like to be used by the US army to knock on bin-laden's home to arrest him?!! or to send your son or daughter?? you are one fu*cked up terrorist. You are beyond being human!!!

    Gills, to make it short, so you can comprehend!!! you are one stupid illiterate fu*ck. Please, stick to cheerleading bitch.

    Dizzy perma, you can keep blinding yourself and continue to ignore opinions coming out of Israel!!! The same Israel you claim you care so much about. The same Israel you are willing to lie and deceive people for. Can you ever exit this state of dizziness and wake up to the truth?!!!

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    • Dizzy-

      please don't draw me into your disputes with nasdaq. I agree his views are extreme. I have never endorsed them, although I have on occasion tried to point out that some of the posters here were a bit too quick and heavy with their labels. I would suggest the same to nasdaq when on occasion he has attempted to draw parallels between Sharon and Hitler. Kind of ridiculous.

      Having said that, if you want to call nasdaq david duke, that is your right, I guess. Please leave me out of it.



    • still think there are NO White Supremicists posting on the MAGS message boards?

    • Hey NAZI666, YEAH YOU..
      Who's doing your writing for you, you illiterate ass? Do you have some good buddies from David Duke's organization doing your PR for you?
      Wow, your FYI was reeaal informative! White supremacists and anti-Israeli forces getting together...A Match Made In HELL!

      PS Mags is going to 10 soon....Please short it soon.

      • 1 Reply to katman11072002
      • katman, you want the Duke, you can have the let's see another stupid reply of yours to this...

        The Hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacism
        by David Duke
        Broadcast Date 07/22/2002

        This is David Duke. We live in an upside down, crazy world. Now you might say: how do I know that the world is crazy, maybe the world is right side up and you are the crazy one. Well I might be, but let me offer my evidence of the world's craziness, and see if your own reason does not agree with mine.

        When I say the world, I am speaking about the major establishment, the media, the other instruments of power that shape our world. And when I say craziness, I am speaking about the most amazing hypocrisies that one can imagine.

        Let me give you a prime example, and it should offer you an excellent illustration of the power of the Jewish supremacists who dominate the world's media and governmental establishments. And this very recent example also reveals the absolute incontrovertible hypocrisy of these oligarchs of the New World Order.

        I want to quote to you from a news article datelined July 8, 2002. It appeared in numerous Jewish newspapers around the world but in almost no mainstream American newspapers. I will quote from the article titled, "Bill would bar Israeli Arabs from state lands." The text I am using appeared in the Cleveland Jewish Times by Naomi Segal

        I will quote some excerpts for you.

        JERUSALEM, July 8 (JTA) -- Israel's Cabinet stirred up a hornet's nest this week by backing a bill that could bar Israeli Arabs from owning homes on state-owned land.

        At Sunday's weekly Cabinet meeting, 17 ministers voted in favor of the bill, while two opposed and one abstained.

        Cabinet minister Dan Meridor, who was one of two ministers to vote against the bill, called the decision a "grave error" that was "flagrantly discriminatory."

        The bill was proposed by National Religious Party legislator Haim Druckman to circumvent a March 2000 decision by the High Court of Justice that the state cannot allocate land in a way that discriminates against any Israeli citizens.

        The court issued its ruling after the northern community of Katzir refused to permit an Israeli Arab couple to move there.

        The court said the government broke the law when it allocated state-owned land to the Jewish Agency for Israel to build a community that barred Israeli Arabs from having homes there.

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