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  • nasdaq_1000bust nasdaq_1000bust Aug 21, 2002 2:18 PM Flag

    let me make it clear for all of you!!!

    I will keep posting forever unless all of you bigot Jews/Israelis out there quit lying about your crimes against the Palestinians. I will try to answer every deceiving post from DSY, dizzy perma,� or any other id they can come up with. I will continue pointing out your predatory nature and you addiction to murdering the innocents. I will continue to point out your calls for genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. I will continue to point out your racism and segregation. I will continue to remind you of the holocaust you were once victimize in and the new holocaust you are victimizing the Palestinians in.

    Dsy, I am not posting for you!! and I don�t care if you read my replies or not!!! I am posting for the innocent readers you are trying to deceive with your propaganda. So please, go ahead and put me on your ignore list!! Btw, I thought you did this long time??!!!

    I know it is not hard for you bigots to hear the truth about your terrorist army or the practices of your apartheid state!!! after all, you asked for more terror and you were never satisfied with the pain your ITF inflected and continue to do so on the Palestinians!! Can�t you see how your deception and your government terror can drive a nation into committing suicide!!! I am glad I don�t have to deal with you!!! I can only imagine how hard it is for the Palestinians to take that abuse and still have hope for peace with you knowing your intention of killing every one of them starting with their children!!! You are so cunning, you are a bunch of killers and lairs. You have no value to human life unless its one of you!!

    I have no hope for you dsy, dizzy perma, miggie, gills, katman�all of you bigots will continue to be bigots!!!!! You will always live paranoid and fearful of your own hate. Keep spreading your propaganda, because it seems the harder you try the more your web of lies is weakening.

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    • Israel is frequently referred to as a democracy. If so, then it
      is a democracy without a conscience, a country whose soul has
      been captured by a mania for punishing the weak, a democracy that
      faithfully mirrors the psychopathic mentality of its ruler,
      General Sharon, whose sole idea -- if that is the right word for
      it -- is to kill, reduce, maim, drive away Palestinians until
      "they break". He provides nothing more concrete as a goal for his
      campaigns, now or in the past, beyond that, and like the
      garrulous official in Kafka's story he is most proud of his
      machine for abusing defenceless Palestinian civilians, all the
      while monstrously abetted in his grotesque lies by his court
      advisers and philosophers and generals, as well as by his chorus
      of faithful American servants. There is no Palestinian army of
      occupation, no Palestinian tanks, no soldiers, no helicopter
      gun-ships, no artillery, no government to speak of. But there are
      the "terrorists" and the "violence" that Israel has invented so
      that its own neuroses can be inscribed on the bodies of
      Palestinians, without effective protest from the overwhelming
      majority of Israel's laggard philosophers, intellectuals,
      artists, peace activists. Palestinian schools, libraries and
      universities have ceased normal functioning for months now: and
      we still wait for the Western freedom-to-write-groups and the
      vociferous defenders of academic freedom in America to raise
      their voices in protest. I have yet to see one academic
      organisation either in Israel or in the West make a declaration
      about this profound abrogation of the Palestinian right to
      knowledge, to learning, to attend school.

      In sum, Palestinians must die a slow death so that Israel can
      have its security, which is just around the corner but cannot be
      realised because of the special Israeli "insecurity". The whole
      world must sympathise, while the cries of Palestinian orphans,
      sick old women, bereaved communities, and tortured prisoners
      simply go unheard and unrecorded. Doubtless, we will be told,
      these horrors serve a larger purpose than mere sadistic cruelty.
      After all, "the two sides" are engaged in a "cycle of violence"
      which has to be stopped, sometime, somewhere. Once in a while, we
      ought to pause and declare indignantly that there is only side
      with an army and a country: the other is a stateless dispossessed
      population of people without rights or any present way of
      securing them. The language of suffering and concrete daily life
      has either been hijacked, or it has been so perverted as, in my
      opinion, to be useless except as pure fiction deployed as a
      screen for the purpose of more killing and painstaking torture --
      slowly, fastidiously, inexorably. That is the truth of what
      Palestinians suffer. But in any case, Israeli policy will
      ultimately fail. Edward Said

    • Impoverished and starved, Gaza is a human nightmare, each of
      whose little pieces of episodes -- like what takes place at Erez,
      or near the settlements -- involves thousands of soldiers in the
      humiliation, punishment, intolerable enfeeblement of each
      Palestinian, without regard for age, gender, or illness. Medical
      supplies are held up at the border, ambulances are fired upon or
      detained. Hundreds of houses demolished, and hundreds of
      thousands of trees and agricultural land destroyed in acts of
      systematic collective punishment against civilians, most of whom
      are already refugees from Israel's destruction of their society
      in 1948. Hope has been eliminated from the Palestinian vocabulary
      so that only raw defiance remains, and still Sharon and his
      sadistic minions prattle on about eliminating terrorism by an
      ever-encroaching occupation that has continued now for 35 years.
      That the campaign itself is, like all colonial brutality, futile,
      or that it has the effect of making Palestinians more, rather
      than less, defiant simply does not enter Sharon's closed mind.

      The West Bank is occupied by 1,000 Israeli tanks whose sole
      purpose is to fire upon and terrorise civilians. Curfews are
      imposed for periods of up to two weeks, without respite. Schools
      and universities are either closed or impossible to get to. No
      one can travel, not just between the nine main cities, but within
      the cities. Every town today is a wasteland of destroyed
      buildings, looted offices, purposely ruined water and electrical
      systems. Commerce is finished. Malnutrition prevails in half the
      number of children. Two thirds of the population lives below the
      poverty level of $2 a day. Tanks in Jenin (where the demolition
      of the refugee camp by Israeli armour, a major war crime, was
      never investigated because cowardly international bureaucrats
      such as Kofi Annan back down when Israel threatens) fire upon and
      kill children, but that is only one drop in an unending stream of
      Palestinian civilian deaths caused by Israeli soldiers who
      furnish the illegal Israeli military occupation with loyal,
      unquestioning service. Palestinians are all "terrorist suspects".
      The soul of this occupation is that young Israeli conscripts are
      allowed full rein to subject Palestinians at check-points to
      every known form of private torture and abjection. There is the
      waiting in the sun for hours; then there is the detention of
      medical supplies and produce until they rot; there are the
      insulting words and beatings administered at will; the sudden
      rampage of jeeps and soldiers against civilians waiting their
      turn by the thousands at the innumerable check points that have
      made of Palestinian life a choking hell; making dozens of youths
      kneel in the sun for hours; forcing men to take off their
      clothes; insulting and humiliating parents in front of their
      children; forbidding the sick to pass through for no other reason
      than personal whim; stopping ambulances and firing on them. And
      the steady number of Palestinian deaths (quadruple that of
      Israelis) increases on a daily, mostly untabulated basis. More
      "terrorist suspects" plus their wives and children, but "we"
      regret those deaths very much. Thank you.


    • Good words nasdaq1000. All true. Here's a few more from Haaretz, especially for dizzy. She could use a few more writers for her ignore list and book burning.

      • 3 Replies to df2830
      • df -

        You and your buddy nasdaq just don't understand me at all.
        I DO NOT burn books.
        It is important to know your enemy.
        As time permits (since I do have a full-time job), I try to read everything you post.
        I make an exception though when nasdaq does 17 posts in a row (though that's not his record) -
        I believe his record is 23 in a row.

        That is just too obsessive even for me, and just makes me want to IGNORE him.

      • Praising NAZIdaq?!...Are you a spokesman for Hamas...or which terrorist group do you belong to? Hey D...F..., why don't you change your numbers from 2830 to 666...Much more appropriate, don't you think?

      • Here's something else, by one of dizzy's favorite writers. This is one of the finest expressions of truth on the matter that I have ever read. I wonder if the resident MAGS brownshirts can actually read it before tossing it into the fire.

        Punishment by detail

        Aside from the obvious physical discomforts, being
        ill for a long period of time fills the spirit
        with a terrible feeling of helplessness, but also with periods of
        analytic lucidity, which, of course, must be treasured. For the
        past three months now I have been in and out of the hospital,
        with days marked by lengthy and painful treatments, blood
        transfusions, endless tests, hours and hours of unproductive time
        spent staring at the ceiling, draining fatigue and infection,
        inability to do normal work, and thinking, thinking, thinking.
        But there are also the intermittent passages of lucidity and
        reflection that sometimes give the mind a perspective on daily
        life that allows it to see things (without being able to do much
        about them) from a different perspective. Reading the news from
        Palestine and seeing the frightful images of death and
        destruction on television, it has been my experience to be
        utterly amazed and aghast at what I have deduced from those
        details about Israeli government policy, more particularly about
        what has been going on in the mind of Ariel Sharon. And when,
        after the recent Gaza bombing by one of his F-16s in which nine
        children were massacred, he was quoted as congratulating the
        pilot and boasting of a great Israeli success, I was able to form
        a much clearer idea than before of what a pathologically deranged
        mind is capable of, not only in terms of what it plans and orders
        but, worse, how it manages to persuade other minds to think in
        the same delusional and criminal way. Getting inside the official
        Israeli mind is a worthwhile, if lurid, experience. con'td

    • Hey NAZI Mike...looks like you weren't able to answer my last post....Tell me, are you planning to join a Muslim terrorist group or are you already a member?

      Maybe you a part of 911?

      Who's doing your writing for you? Your white buddy Davi Duke. Posts of yours in the past were barely readable. For example:

      Re: NASDAQ - this one's for you...
      by: nasdaq_1000bust
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 08/14/02 04:38 pm
      Msg: 3091 of 3144

      "Dizzy bitch or what ever in HELL you go by nowadays. You�ve been EXPOSED!!!
      You are no better than these suicide bombers or the Israeli Terror Forces IDF. If there is hell, I know you are the Chosen One to rotten in it with Sharon and the rest of his killer terror forces.

      Say to Hitler and soon Sadam"

      So who's writing your posts for you Mike? We all know that you don't have the intelligence or schooling to improve the verse so much.

      One more thing NAZI Mike, DSY may have a good point. You're not going to change the minds of DizzyCoffee, DSY, Miggie, Rgillscap, and definitely not me. We're just going to continue to Harass you with THE TRUTH. What you think is the truth is almost all total baloney.

      You might as well talk to a wall, because NONE OF US ARE EVER GOING TO THINK LIKE YOU! You're wasting your time here.

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