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  • rgillscap rgillscap Sep 25, 2002 10:43 PM Flag

    For Mrs. Busted..

    Your idiot son is posting the fairy tales that you read to him at night. He needs to be locked in A closet and put under heavy sedation.The little scumbag is embarassing your family and his god D. Puke.
    Thanks In Advance.

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    • Hello, Firefly,
      Thanks for your thoughtful post.
      I have a buy order in for CHKP at a slightly lower price than where it is now just because
      I think all the markets will tank briefly if we attack Iraq.
      I'm always thinking of buying more Mags,
      but since I already own too much (by my investing strategy) am trying to research other Israeli companies.
      Right now I'm looking at ESLT and KOR.
      I used to be invested in the Amidex Fund, but got out of it right before the tech meltdown (luckily).
      Well, it looks like Magal is up on the TASE this morning (that is sometimes a good sign).
      :-)) Yedida

    • You misunderstand when I say arguing with NAZ is a waste of time and OT. I just believe you will never do anything but give him reasons to post. It's his posts I find totalling OT, but some posters posting back to him encourage him. Just ignore him and talk among yourselfs. You don't need to convince him.

      I have a lot invested in CHKP and MAGS and have heard both ceo's.

      I heard MAGS ceo say they will be announcing new U.S. contracts by year end they believe and I have not heard any announcements as of yet, so I believe they are yet to come.

      I was also a shareholder since 1991 until 1999 of CMVT.

      I also have a few others which I wish I didn't that are Israeli techs.

      My reasons for buying more CHKP over MAGS are that CHKP also has a start up which will be profitable/break even by year end.

      They year over year numbers are impressive as are their year over year cash increases. Most people tell me cash means nothing. But I keep thinking people will start looking more closely at debt and CHKP with no debt and over $1B in cash needs to have very few sales to continues earnings as they are now.

      MAGS when they took down earnings due to their start up was a dissapointment even though I believe long term is a good thing.

      Truthfully, I have been in and out of both CHKP and MAGS. MAGS in and out 3 times in the last year. In presently. More in CHKP as I know it better. MAGS I am not as sure of the numbers. I have yearly statements from CHKP going back years.

      I like MAGS here because I believe they will have more news and we are near the yearly low but have not broken through...if we break support then hard to say? futures are down tonight so it's going to be a close call perhaps.

      The unrest is not over. The market is just weak, but MAGS has a lot going for it. just my two cents that MAGS is in a hot area.

    • I was wondering if you can help. I have been monitoring MAGS for about a year and I recall that the P/E for this stock was about 10 at $8 per share. Now, on Yahoo, the P/E is 36 at about $6. Am I missing something?

      Any clarification will be appreciated.

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      • " was wondering if you can help. I have been monitoring MAGS for about a year and I recall that the P/E for this stock was about 10 at $8 per share. Now, on Yahoo, the P/E is 36 at about $6. Am I missing something?"

        I think what you are missing is that earnings were taken down significantly due to the start up costs and qtrly losses. That is why I had been asking questions about the new start up. Last I hear it will be another 4 qtrs maybe before the start up is break even.

        So its about a year before MAGS is not impacted negatively.

        I rarely come here now as this is getting to be nasdaq dominating the msg bd with junk.

        Why not put him on ignore and quit arguing with him. You are just giving him what he wants. It's driving away any intelligent discussion and most certainly you will not change his mind.

      • gatjohann-

        according to clearstation, the PE of MAGS is 17.57

        according to MSN money, the PE is 17.9

        I believe these figures are correct.

        I'm not exactly certain why the PE on Yahoo
        is different. Perhaps their figure is based on past year's earnings.

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