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  • whno whno Jul 28, 2003 9:43 AM Flag

    fence them in/fence them out

    Taking a moderate position - isn't there wisdom in "fool me once, shame on you" "fool me twice, shame on me"?

    Oslo being the former... I grew up believing that Arafat was a terrorist and here is the Prime Minister of Israel hugging and kissing him -- here is Arafat mourning the Prime Minister. With my rabbi's help I allowed myself to believe in peace - that there is good in all and accepted what first appeared to be unacceptable.

    Fool me once.......... Oslo has historically proven to be either a mistake or a lesson learned (just a matter of perspective). Trying to take something worthwhile from the experience -- Israel don't go there again - but they do - they see Abbas -- the denier - the co-orchestrater of the Olympic massacre as a partner in peace.

    They release prisoners - who will surely try their best to get back into Israel and kill as many innocents as possible.

    FOOL ME TWICE - Please Sharon and Israel don't go there...

    President Bush - why the double standard? Yes, I believe it just to go after Saddam's sons, and Saddam and all the deck and more - but why is such targetting OK for us and wrong for Israel? (as noted in Dry Bones last week)

    And aren't we considering ways to secure our borders - good fences make good neighbors and using border guards as "fences" is well... can't be done... Is this still another Politically Correct (and dumb as dirt) comment?

    I ramble but one more thing -- before I buy some stock -- History Channel had a program on WWII and our treatment of Japanese Americans - citizens. Ushered out of their homes and held prisoners for years -- only to be released with bus fair and $50 all their belongings long gone.

    What was their thinking? Did they act like victims? Did they play the pity card? Did they try to sue? No -- their entire motivation was to demonstrate in their word and deed their loyalty to the United States. Their sons fought in one of the most elite and decorated units - they didn't "volunteer" and throw grenades into tents murdering their officers. {How is rounding up illegals and holding them equivalent?)

    You know where I am going so I will leave the rest unsaid.

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