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  • noobjet noobjet Apr 6, 2004 7:16 PM Flag

    Wolf not in yet......

    You're not in a position yet or you would be riding this bitch. Like I said you won last week from Wednesday to Friday. You took a small gain to the bank. I can't wait for the fight in the morning. Please get in early that way I can plow you all day instead of half of it.

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    • No need to get personal here but I agree with the jist. This is yesterday's news Wolf - IMHO you short this stock this week your gonna get your clocked cleaned.


    • GEESH!! Noob,

      I did not mean to get'ya ryled up fellow...
      What goes up, eventually come down.. I'm just betting down and it would be a lot more profitable if I could find the shares to borrow...:( Your long and I'm only wishing I was short here, thats all. Until I can find some shares, I'll have to sit here in the forest just watching this beast run. In no way will I go long this thing at any price based on what I found from DJ newswire yesterday..


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      • Why do you think the insider selling is such a big deal on such a low float stock ? Name one company that does not have insiders sell. It would be very helpful if you could explain why this is such a "SEAL" of negative fate..TASR had the same pattern and same insider selling...what if years after building a great company it finally became the right time to sell...and get some hard earned money back? This has been a long process...this was the best time to sell from the inside when strength and stability reigns in the company..please counter

      • Bill Gates consistently sold shares of Microsoft and still does. He would be an idiot not to. Those who stayed in Microsoft became millionares. Those who sold becaue Bill Gates sold some of his shares were the losers.

      • You're still full of shit. You post crap like that all of the time. I'm sure you're the only one that saw that, that's why it was up 10% today instead of 20%. Of course you're right again. It's way overvalued.......
        Please!!!! You're outta your fucking mind!!!!!!

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