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  • mrharrynutz2004 mrharrynutz2004 Apr 9, 2004 6:30 PM Flag

    Questions on ARTX

    To the board at large:
    Right now the Security industry sector is the hottest thing in the market.(Can you say 'sizzle'.) Practically everything is going up.
    Currently my security portofolio is:
    MAGS, VISG and DHB
    I'm finding it difficult to locate Co's that are making money in this industry that have not jumped siginificantly in the past 2 weeks or so.
    I'm looking at BTHS, DVS, ASE, IMX and ARTX among others right now. I passed up many including CDCY because of technicals.
    Concerning ARTX I'm curious if anyone knows whether this has been pumped in any journals, magazines or newsletters to your knowledge? This stock reminds of other pump and dumps I've seen, nano-tech comes to mind.
    Specifically, who was the front runner on the security stocks? Who had the message first?
    Responses appreciated.
    TIA, Harry N

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    • did a "Small Cap Focus" on it last week. Premium pay viewers can access this each Wednesday, and ARTX was the subject of that last week. In fact, it got 3 mentions that day on "INPLAY." They've got loads of potential and their growth right now is really phenomenal. They recently became more of a security company, but they also do a lot of training software for cities, government, companies, and police departments. They are also the exclusive trainers for TASR, which is about the hottest stock in the world right now.

    • i already kicked myself hard with IPIX after making a fair amount :( missed out on another 50%

      i dunno...u could be right,there is some negative sentiment on their board though

    • Zonties
      A 12% return only?? ESMC has a pretty good potential for a breakout soon. All the sign are in place. JMHO You'll kick yourself hard if it starts to run and doubles in the next couple months, or sooner. I think the people interested in them are simply waiting for the market to finish correcting. When enough people think the outlook for the next year is promising, a lot of small caps will see some pops IMO.
      Harry N

    • i used to have some ESMC but i dumped all 300 shares the other day after like a 12% rise in a day.

    • Namkcats, like you I'm primarily short term too, but my outlook for a positon is 2-6 mo, not weeks or days. In my experience jumping in and out can only get you out of position and cost you profit.
      P.S. My approach:Make good picks and pick your entry point carefully, then hold onto your winners.

      P.P.S. I forgot to recommend the #1 on IBD 100, ESMC, right now. They look primed for a breakout soon IMO.

    • i you said, mags still may have potential- i hope so

    • Zonties
      That is the question indeed, what is about to breakout?
      I might suggest ABTL. They are primed for a breakout IMO. The Co reports earnings in a couple weeks. If they beat estimates they're headed higher IMO. ABTL is the kind of stock I screen for. I'll pretty much be running queries this weekend to find stocks like them.
      The security industry looks like it is pretty much discovered right now.
      Harry N

    • Honestly Pre-Market Momentum Plays for Day trading....You philosyphy for longs is tuff except in Low-Float stock...I think a variation of Day-Tading I call Momentum Long Plays over 1-2 weeks is best...but without premarket acsess that can murder you!

    • harry, what would you recommend now? that is my big question...what will soar like mags in the future, of course that is the $64,000 question. What do you think this will be?

    • Namkcats
      Just out of curiousity, which style gives you the best net results? I try to concentrate on making good picks and then timing for the breakout price, i.e. the pivot. It does appear to have potential above 3, to 10 I'm not sure about.
      Harry N

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