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  • mrharrynutz2004 mrharrynutz2004 Apr 10, 2004 7:26 PM Flag

    Lo float security stock laggard list:

    I fully expect security stocks to do well over the coming months, all the way up to and including the election. We have not even gotten in to the knock-down, drag-out part of this campaign and look how cheap-shot, below-the-belt it's become. The main issues in this campaign will be security and the war in Iraq IMO. These still touch a nerve with a lot of people and continue to divide the country. IMO security stocks will do very well -they will outperform the market for the next 6 mo easily. However, I would recommend that you keep scouting and buy the best stocks available, not just the cheapest; earnings are never cheap. Look for companies that are at least making money, not just developing something new. I've seen trends in biotech and internet that lasted for awhile, and then got slammed hard. Companies making money though don't fall as fast as losers. MAGS still has upside IMO -we haven't even gotten to the 'squeeze' part yet.
    take care, Harry N

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