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  • bidatthe_bell bidatthe_bell Apr 10, 2004 4:20 PM Flag

    Lo float security stock laggard list:

    My screen of profitable low float security stocks produced the following:

    MIKR ($4.36) sells Infrared cameras for homeland security applications, tracking criminals, for use in public transit systems, buses, cars, when it is very hard to see, esp at night.

    MIKR has better financials than IPIX and TBUS- it is Profitable NOW with only 3.7 MM float.
    MIKR is also at a Defence conference Monday.

    SYNX $5.11 with 1.8 MM float. SYNX is a leader in subway security systems and is installing systems in New York and Dallas right now. Profitbale with $16 MM backlog.

    Good luck.

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    • bidatthe
      The technicals on MIKR suk. Also, the eps is very inconsistent. Where in the company profile does it say they have any security business, all I see are industrial applications? Show a link concerning conference please.
      Harry N

    • Harry
      Thank you.

      Do you think that the tred of :"home land securaty" will go-on for a long period of time or is it just temporary?
      If the answer is "yes" than i understand that MAGS price is not as high as it seems and .
      (correct me if i am wrong)

    • Menkess
      I fully expect security stocks to do well over the coming months, all the way up to and including the election. We have not even gotten in to the knock-down, drag-out part of this campaign and look how cheap-shot, below-the-belt it's become. The main issues in this campaign will be security and the war in Iraq IMO. These still touch a nerve with a lot of people and continue to divide the country. IMO security stocks will do very well -they will outperform the market for the next 6 mo easily. However, I would recommend that you keep scouting and buy the best stocks available, not just the cheapest; earnings are never cheap. Look for companies that are at least making money, not just developing something new. I've seen trends in biotech and internet that lasted for awhile, and then got slammed hard. Companies making money though don't fall as fast as losers. MAGS still has upside IMO -we haven't even gotten to the 'squeeze' part yet.
      take care, Harry N

    • Harry

      You have to exuese me ,my english is not so good (i am not from U.S).
      I understood most of the things you wrote beside one important sentance :"MAGS still has upside IMO -we haven't even gotten to the 'squeeze' part yet."

      Should i understand that because you think that IMO security stocks will do very well and they will outperform the market for the next 6 mo easily. MAGS considered to be a good investmend even now?

    • Menkess
      Your English is fine. Yes, IMO MAGS still has upside even at these levels. Even with the valuations MAGS has now it is no where near the silly levels that TASR is. Also, MAGS has a longer history and more applications than TASR. Right now the insiders, the big money and the diligent traders are in MAGS. This past week the day traders began converging on them; there are many, MANY, more to come (look at how many times the float was traded -5x!). IBD is still getting the news out; we still have CANSLIM folks to come -not to mention a possible appearance on the IBD 100 list. Stock splits will make the stock more available to traders and investors.
      The 'squeeze' I mentioned is one of the major signals that a possible climax top is near. It is a long way off yet.
      Right now I only consider MAGS a trading stock, but I intend to hold them for some time. All of the TA I follow is yelling buy. As a long term investment, I'm not as sure. But their services will certainly be in demand, at least as long as there are terrorists on the earth.
      If you get in, just hold on, this is a real rocket ride.

      regards, Harry N
      P.S. I may have to continue our discussion later. I hav obligations to tend to now. :-)

    • I was intrigued by the new merger of mom n' pop Home garden supply and Ionatron! It seems to me that Ionatron that has Intellectual property and some kind of proto of their novel technology that can deliver human controlled lighting via low power laser and potentially disable Trucks, Tanks, etc and it also has other potential applications. I listenend to their conference call this week which was attended by Big names Venture firms. Here are my comments:

      1) After the merger 77M shares outstanding. With current $8 per share, you do the math? Tasr has Less 25M shares after the last split!
      2) Management was vague about the status of product commercialization?
      3) Has $9m in the bank after the merger and the the capture of USHG shell. They will not talk about their burn rate and number of on- board employees and what will it take to get across the goal line!
      4) They did talk about a line item in the congressional budget that will help subsidize them.
      5)Potential difficulty with this product in Fog and Rain. Laser do not behave well under those conditions.

      Net: Interesting Buck Rogers stuff! I will take an initial position with 1K shares to keep it on my radar screen. I also understand that I could lose most of if quickly with bad news. This stock has gone up from $1 to $8 in less than 60 days!

      In the meanwhile I will be buying Home Garden equippment from the local home depot in the bay area. I do not need Ionatron product to disable my neighbour's lawn mower!

    • Runningbull
      Thank you very much for that post! I'm sure Menkess1 will find it informative as well.
      This merger is one of the most puzzling I've seen in a while -probably since that French water company (what's-their-name?) was turned into a media company. One of the things that concerned me most about USHG though was who's in charge. Lemme see, the same management who can't maake money with a low tech, low end, consumer non-durables is now going to oversee a state of the art defense project. To me that's like saying, "Well, you folks can't make money with a lemonade stand, so here, go ahead and become rocket scientists and run NASA."
      Not a bad idea keeping some pocket change on them though, just in case they actually do succeed.
      Ya just never know...
      once again, thnx
      Harry N

    • Harry,
      It was clear from the conference call that Ionatron team is in-charge, they have brought in a retired Vice Admiral who was incharge of the Navy Seals and a security expert on the board. It looks like they needed a fig leaf to look Kosher in the eyes of investors and Nasdaq! What I am afraid of is with 77M shares outstanding and $8 a share they are very pricy with out any tangible revenue. I want this technology to materialize so that we can continue to keep the bad guys on the run!

      But we may not make any money with this one!

      If you want up and comming OTC stocks look into IMGG, SOTK and IPVO. They will be big winners this year! Also please do your own DD!

      Happy Passover and easter to all!

    • Runningbull
      I typically don't look at OTC issues at all because of the difficulty getting info about them on the web. I will look at the ones you reco'ed though. How come Ionatron (or whatever name they're going under) doesn't even have a website, or did I miss it?
      You're dead on IMO: That kind of market cap with no earnings is senseless. How long is it before insiders start selling and slipping out the back door? BTW, are OTC issues subject to the same insider selling rules as listed Co's do you know?
      thnx for your response
      Harry N

    • Harry,
      I agree with your assesment of lack of info and high Risk with OTC stocks. I always call the Company after reading 10k's and listening to the conference calls. In each of the case I have talked to CEO or CFO and feel comfortable with the value proposition , market and most important of all the Management. I manage my own family fund and invest between 100-250K in each of the company and watch them like a hawk but things can happen!

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