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  • ambrosia_35 ambrosia_35 Apr 14, 2004 10:41 PM Flag

    could a smart investor please advise me


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    • what are your thoughts on RMSG and i know you will be honest. :-)

    • I know I have it here somewhere, but I never used it. Rereading the previous post I meant to say that I wasn't too sure about ESMC right now; the mkt seems to be slamming just about everything. They're still #1 on the IBD list though. I'll keep checking.

    • yes, it helps alot.

      Did you check on yahoo pager?

    • Ambrosia, where were you a couple weeks ago? Some of my stocks are now breaking out. Besides MAGS I reco'ed VISG and ABTL recently. ABTL reports next week and should beat estimates; they are currently above their pivot but still safe in the 14 range IMO. Another pick I gave was ESMC when they came out of their most recent base; I'm sure about right now. Another one I suggested was AUO. Anyway, these are some of the kinds of stocks I reco to people. All of them meet CANSLIM requirements (are you familiar with them?) Right now you should avoid anything that is interest rate sensitive, at least until the next Fed Mtg. I suggested people look at CCBI and FBR, both have been hit hard because of interest rate scares. If you want to stay in the security industry look at DHB, IMX and IDNX. These might still have potential. Most of the stuff posted on these boards is complete junk IMO. Try to find Co's that have positive revenues and earnings AND eps growth. That's what the big money is looking for. Does that help?
      Harry N

    • I have made a small profit and will be very happy to take it at the bell.

      God, I do feel relief man was I rattled. whew thanks a ton Harry.

      bty how about throwing a few of your fav' stocks my way. I like your style :-)

    • I might have Yhoo, but I don't think I've ever used it. Let me see.
      Harry N

    • Ambrosia, most likely all of the news in that filing is already known by the market. For those who are following the stock closely I'm sure there are no surprises in it. I have rarely seen a stock tank on a standard SEC filing. What can sometimes happen is that they can come out after the official filing and announce that an error has been made and they need to refile. Then you can see a real sell-off. It doesn't surprise me the company is losing money, most stocks under $5 are probably losing money from what I see. If you're real nervous about it you'd probably be better off closing out. Just a thought.
      Harry N

    • Harry do you have yahoo or aol messanger>

    • First Harry, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. I am very new at investing and when I read this news I literally panicked as I took it to be very BAD news. I immediately put my sell order in.
      Did I misread it Harry? I am afraid the stock will open like $1.00

      thanks for any advice you can give me

    • Chucky, thnx for putting that post on their board. I fell out of my chair laughing so hard at it, thnx. Yeah, their a bunch of uptight, nit-picking jerks who think they're following Buffet. I still have some responses to post over there.
      Harry N

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