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  • hammertimee hammertimee Apr 21, 2004 7:57 PM Flag

    why the big hype with stock split!!

    Why would the board of directors consider spliting a $27.00 or even a $35.00 stock. i could see if MAGS was at $60.00 or 70.00 but where it is now, not quite so sure.

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    • KLAC just warned, down 4.5 after hours, we might see rotation out of the semi's and bargin hunters buying back into MAGS which seems to have found some support.

    • do you have any kind of educated guess as to eps, i think harry said 10 cents and thats the only thing ive heard so far, i fno analysts follow the stock then are there no street expectations, so beating teh street is not possible, i guess we would just have to compare back to 03 Q1 results. also i see a green market tommorow, seems like ebay,rimm,qcom,eres all did well after hours

    • agree on the lightning, they are awesome, they can win the east no doubt, montreal will make it a good series though, ive been impressed with tehm as of late, the koivu kovalev line is strong, conference semi's should be fantastic

    • Actually I was rooting for the Flames. I sure would have like to see a Brian Sutter / Ron Wilson and Nabokov / Kiprasoff matchup. And not to mention the fact that the Avs scare the crap out of me. They hold the season (2-1-1) with one of the wins a total blowout. It's probably all a moot pint anyhow since the Lightning will win it all?!!? Did I say that? How in the world are they the best in the East? Well it's on tomorrow and may the best team win.

    • oh no, the shark tank is a mad house, it will not be easy for sure, but i'd rather lose to san jose than daytwa~, you guys have a great young team and wison has done a tremendous job, calgary will give detroit fits, im just glad vacouver lost in teh first round after that pathetic bertuzzi incident

    • >>>Why would the board of directors consider spliting a $27.00 or even a $35.00 stock. i could see if MAGS was at $60.00 or 70.00 but where it is now, not quite so sure.<<<

      You are absolutely correct! The stock has no reason to split at these the $60-$70 level, then you're correct, the BOD would "consider" at that price...currently...NO WAY. The hypsters on this board amuse me...on Monday they're saying "MAGS to the moon!!" "MAGS is the next TASR!!" etc. The very next day they're saying "MAGS sux!!" "This is effing unbelieveable" etc. These people are idiots and should invest in CD's (no wild swings and gauranteed a whooping 1.1% return). Patience and knowledge will reward you...ridiculious hyping and the following bitching and moaning will just stress you out. You have to have a strong heart/hand to trade in MAGS currently (and other security stocks), but patience will reward you in the end. I saw the same type of posters on the INVN board before the GE buy-out. On the "up" days they would brag about how smart they were, on the the "down" days they would complain how the MM's were manipulating the stock...never taking responibility for themselves or their decisions. Pathetic.
      MAGS hypsters: What are your predictions for earnings?? Besides "to the moon" "blowout earnings" etc. Do you have any numbers, or any idea of numbers? I thought so.

    • you're probably right...

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