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  • PLFM PLFM Apr 22, 2004 7:00 PM Flag

    Healthy pullback today ...

    Quite contradict to most thinking, today's pull back is very healthy for the next push up. It is better to drop over 10% in one day than 2/3% for 3/4 days in sequence. Besides, it needs to trap more shorts in order to go up higher from the squeeze.

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    • kerry_needs_a_chiropractor kerry_needs_a_chiropractor Apr 23, 2004 8:35 AM Flag

      I have heard many on this board talking of a split. Why do you think the company will split the stock? Do they have enough authorized shares for a 2:1 split? $25-$30 dollars does not sound like a typical split range (usually above $50). ALso, what other stock and exchanges would be involved in a split?

      I will dig this up but thought you could answer one or two. Thanks.

    • Agreed. Buy on ANY dips. Like today. Me, not looking for instant riches. Good long term Co. IMO 2 for 1 split will come soon.

    • Very good, you got my idea even though I haven't spelled it out as well. The current geopolitical situation will continue to push the stock up. Then Homeland Security Dept's hugh spending will continue to increase its quarter revenue. More analyst will start covering the homeland defense segment and will have no choice except GE or MAGS. Funds will buy into this stock and give whatever ratings they think it should deserve, so MAGS will be chased and holded by these buyers. Then Pipeguard will push this stock to a second level due to the necessity from economics and political interests of industry and US government's law requirement AND it is the ONLY PRODUCT in the market (just like TASER). Then Dreambox will push MAGS even further due to its attractive price, broad functionality and requirement to small, medium & large companies in US, Europe and Asia. So do I need to say more of my perspective of this stock, it is a strong HOLD and buy as many as you can afford. It maybe the biggest jackpot I've ever won.

    • Good attitude! Then you will like Friday's $2 drop. One never can get too healthy. I see too many get rich quick longs, not a "healthy" sign.

    • New highs will be reached next week after earnings.
      guidance will be upped!! WATCH and LEARN!!!!

    • Not so sure about a 'healthy pullback'. Giving money away never feels healthy to my wallet. I've been quiet on this issue since I really don't know crap but I thought I might pipe in here. The fast push to $40 looks to be total momentum that has run out of steam. It looks more like a stock that is moving to a more correct price.
      My guess is somewhere in the low $20 range. With that said I still believe this is one to hold onto long. An industry leader that has products in demand and can turn a profit. The long potential to rise back is too great to run at the first sign of trouble.
      My .02 worth

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      • Unless you are selling today, otherwise it is just a paper loss in your account. Whenever a stock reaches a new 52 high, it needs to pull back first. The stronger the pullback, the bigger the push up later. Last time the pull back is from 40 to 26, this time the pull back is from 36 to 25, it will go back to 30s by end of the month. I also see this as an opportunity to buy more, either short or long term.

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