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  • mrcgunderson mrcgunderson Apr 24, 2004 12:36 AM Flag


    How can I find current short interest (same day). Also, how does a short squeeze form? Is it by having longs sell at a limit that is high and forcing shorts to buy at a premium? How is this done quickly to trap the shorts?

    I am a new trader, please someone explain this to me.

    Chris Gunderson

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    • pretty good


    • Did you actually spend $250000 in buying MAGS this week? Just curious to know why you are so confident on this purchase? Thanks!!

    • good luck with your

      MWY + GMR ....

      by the way

      just be careful ... as you know

      lots of stocks have sold off after earnings

      when they are near their all time highs

    • tell you what ....

      I think most people trading size for a living

      do not post here ... except as an ego trip

      hope you make another million

      nope I am not a broker but I am a prof trader

      not in YOUR LEAGUE ... though

      good luck ...

      ps ... what does your charting skills tell you

      for TASR ? 75 , 60 support holds ?

      I won't touch it until the split later in the week as the spreads and slippage have been
      awful most of the time

    • soesseth.....if a lousy stock is a dog why cant one with great prospects be referred to as a for whether or not u find me credible....I dont give a rats ass....Ive made a fortune buying and selling from sheeple like u....ur probably a for one last time ...let me spell it out for ya Bullish Gartley

      ps i dont play favorites all my trades are in 250000$ increments

    • ps ... anyone who uses the term puppy when

      talking about stocks has no real idea

      what they are talking about

      but since you claim to be a TA genius

      I will forgive you for that remark and comment about me

      all the best to you

    • hey dukey

      you should start a hedge fund ....

      good luck with your picks

    • Dont post often on yahoo but u can check my prior messages i think i posted when i went long WHT @ 1, long WTZ @ 2 and when I shorted AMZN at the top

      As for this stock i noticed the breakout when the spain bombing occurred....went long based solely on the thin float...didnt expect the pop we got and figured id take my ~300% gains

      normally i trade long and short but with the thin float...i will only trade this stock long

      as mentioned im back in based on the funnymentals and on the chart

      strong support at the prior breakout

      ps ur post is why i dont visit more often

      but since im such i caring guy ill give u my only 2 other longs now.... MWY in at 4.5 50000 shares and GMR in at 19 and 21 10000 shares ....will pop huge with earnings this week....get some now, buy me a beer later

    • dear mr genius millionaire trader

      thanks so much for letting us wannabees know
      about your genius skills in trading
      seems like you are in top 1/1000 %
      as you bought at very beginning of breakout and sold close to top
      do you mind if I as humbly for you to post a link as to when you posted your buy @ 10 and your sell at 38 ? your truly ....

      novice trader

    • Rode this puppy from 10 to 38 and then sold
      Afraid to short @ 38 given the small float and the effects a positive news event or terror attack could have on the price....having said that reloaded 10,000 shares long near the close on friday.....check out any TA book ABC correction ended friday.....Wave 3 about to start....just wait till the earnings news ignites a short squeeze....60 bux by june

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