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  • pinkneygirl pinkneygirl May 9, 2004 9:27 PM Flag

    Read whole article carefully

    Magal said in response: "Our systems undergo constant testing. We do not report either successful test outcomes, or unsuccessful ones. Passing or failing one IDF test (out of many) is of no consequence".

    And why does Israel continue to build the security fence? Why are sales going on in 70 countries?

    Get real!

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    • Pink I don't know what you are in at with this stock, I am in at 14.25, if I see continued price drop Im gonna seriously think of selling some off. There is a high probability that this article that is now posted had something to do with MAGS drop over the last couple weeks, don't have blinders on, or you will not be a successful trader

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      • But it seems that Globes is the one that has it first, notlast, Can you read Hebrew? I get the impression that Globes is an investigative magazine like the Drudge report. I can't read Hebrew, just pick out phrases here and there.
        Globes was also the first to point out the California expansion.
        I think my question is still a valid one,
        Why does the IDF continue to use magal?

        But there may be a rush for the exit and you are probably right!

        I feel like turning my computer off for three years and checking back later.

        This company is old, it is not like following momementum on a company that is hiding bankrupcy!

        I am so tired of the pulse taking.
        But I appreciate your warning, and it is probably prudent.

        But I have no doubt that the Naz is going to explode next week, i just feel it!

        I'm in at 20. And I have to go to work early and can't check, and I have gotten slammed in stop-losses, But that is probably prudent also.
        Pardon the rambling!

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