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  • mcmurfee mcmurfee May 18, 2004 5:33 PM Flag


    You have something to protect from terrorists. Or maybe international criminals. Who you gonna call? Joe Hairspray down the street or an Israeli Company that deals with
    Terrorists, death, blood, criminal types every gdam day in the most dangerous part of the world sans Camdem NJ? I pick MAGS!!! Thats why I own it! REAL SIMPLE!!

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    • LOL!!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have a drink and stop being so angry.What you lost was only money.LOL!!!!Btw if it was a game you wouldnt/shouldnt be telling me your secrets.Oh,thats right.You dont have a secret to making money.You DONT make money.You lose!LOL!!!!!!BUWAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!Please dont tell me your secrets anymore they may rub off.I want to make money.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!I like it better when you tell me your trades so I can do the opposite.LOL!!!!Now thats easy money.LOL!!!!!Good night JACKASSS!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The tables have turned my friend.

      Got ya.

      I was never mad. Part of the mental game I played on you.

      Tomorrow you will wake up a little less sure of your investment. And sell your shares to me for less.

      That's a double got ya in my book.

      All's fair in stock trading.

    • LOL!!!!Nice try Dummy.You know you are mad.I know you are mad.The WHOLE board knows you are MAD!Not only that, we all know that you are dwindling down your capital,if you havent already wiped it out.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!Keep posting.I love your feeble replies.I got your goat and YOUR MONEY.What a BUFFOON you are!

    • Sure you did. You are one of those traders just like Inciteful Investor said you were. A short never loses money. They always cover. They never admit their losses. Let me see if I got that straight. You are a liar and a dumbass (is that correct inciteful?). Always coulda shoulda. Looks like you're eating your own crow. Be careful about bringing up the past on others it could walk up and bite you.

      I feel better already. Not so mad afterall. In a peacful place now that I ruined your credibility. How does that go? BWAJJJBAWJJJJJ. Can't quite get it. I guess I'm not as pathetic as you.

    • Scrathy,
      I almost forgot.Thanks for all the money.LOL!BUWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL!!!I said I shorted Brcm.That was before the cisco earning because everybody wanted Csco to miss.Which you know would bring Brcm down.Actually you probably wouldnt.That is exactly what happened.I took my money the next day.I only shorted Zix and Mdrx this year(except that Brcm short).Go read the posts on those boards.Right at the top.And I covered a couple days later.Huge gains.You seem VERY mad.Are you all right.You seeem like you are cracking up.LOL!BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brcm might have a little run but it should be under 20$.The way the market is they could run that junk.Look at the balance sheet.It is trash.It is also close to slipping beneath all its moving averages.The kiss of death.Now I am not STUPID to short a MOMO play(like you).You seem like a GAMBLER.Go to Vegas at least you get the free drinks.In closing I would like to thank you for all the kind words tonight.LOL!

    • I guess these people get burned by buying too high and then they think that the stock owes them.So they short it.Except they short it at the BOTTOM.LOL!!!!!

    • Furthermore when you were playing with Mags I was busy trading Brcm and Mama. Let me see if I recall your post correctly. Didn't you say Brcm was a POS and it would get split in half? Can't read a chart? That was at $36.80. You said you were short. It trouble's you that I'm always right. Doesn't it? I posted my short on Mags yesterday. I have only lost money on one stock, EVER. Stockeryale. I will revisit that one someday. I have made most of my money this year on Mags. I rode that from $19 to $38, then shorted it back down, bought, shorted, bought, shorted. On and on. For arguement sake, and since I did not post a change of heart on Mags, I will concede the $14 to $17. The $30k loss hurts, but will not break me. Hopefully I can get some of it back tomorrow. Or maybe I can offset my gains in Brcm against it.

      You on the other hand will continue to be the POS.

    • Biker,

      I have YET to see a short hold themselves accountable for ANY loss...EVER, on MAGS or any other stock. They always say that they covered for a small profit then things started going against them, then magically went long at the low...then of course reversed and went short if the stock started on a downtrend. NO short has EVER lost money on ANY stock...EVER!!
      They're all liars and Dumb-Ass's, and will never be publically accountable for their losses.

    • Can,Change his tag.We are sure about him.Scratchy is THE KING of STUPID.

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