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  • scratching_my_head2 scratching_my_head2 May 24, 2004 6:03 PM Flag

    Tomorrow the bounce is over...

    For the record can of whip up a frenzy I never went short until today. I was long early Friday and sold today, then went short this afternoon. So remove "not sure about this guy" from my name, and instead put "This is the smartest of the shorts because he will go long as well as short". I own Mags in my retirement account that will stay put, but my margin account is all about momentum. Enjoyed the momentum and volume today. If it continues to go up fine then I'll cover and give back some gains. You have to be willing to take profits short term on all stocks, and not be afraid to go short as well.

    Maybe you should start a list for just happy go lucky longs who are so tickled when the stock goes up they can't contain themselves. Then one for just shorts who spit venom out all day long. Then one for people like myself who trade based on momentum. We do not care which way the stock is moving just as long as there is a direction. And this stock is perfect for that.

    Now for the short banter. This stock should not have gone up 30% in two days based on a stock dividend that only dilutes the shares (cash divedends are better), and a lousy $1,000,000 contract. Are their revenues so lousy that a $1,000,000 contract could affect the stock price 30%. Overdone short term.

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    • When the stock was at $14 you were all over it short.Go back and reread your posts.We had a dicussion a few days ago and you were short .Now that it gaps up, you are long for the gap and now short at the close.You have zero credibility.LOL!Btw a move from 14 to 19 is rather large while short.I would always cover at a certain percentage point in case I was I wrong.But it surely wouldnt be 25%.Thats right ,it gapped up.To prevent that I wouldnt short low float highly popular momo plays.You were warned.The way you talk you act like you just made a money making trade and the longs were wrong.You were short at $14 and it is now almost 19.You were on the wrong side of the trade so why would anybody listen to you?It could turn and go down,this would be no big surprise.But you act as if you are right.LOL.This is too funny.

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      • Biker I did not realize Yahoo was like Clearstation. You mean everyone posts their in's and out's here? If I did that I could never keep up. Not that it matters but I got distracted with Mama and Brcm, and just left Mags alone until Friday. Wasn't it you that shorted Brcm? Sometimes I will post what I've done time permitting. Forgot to come back that day to say I didn't make a trade. But thanks for noticing. It must mean you read my posts. So I do hold some value, and maybe even some credibility you say I do not have.

        As far as credibility on a message board. It's something none of us have. It does not really matter what I do or say. At the end of the day it's just my opinion. I enjoy the mental game of the message boards, but really enjoy making money in the market.

        Go luck to you whatever side you are on.

      • He is now scratching his balls and sniffing it.It smells fishy!!


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