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  • scratching_my_head2 scratching_my_head2 May 25, 2004 3:43 PM Flag

    All pissed offness aside

    The Nasdaq +40, and Mags? Tell someone else it's suppose to be that way. The only thing keeping Mags above $14 is the Nasdaq is up +40.

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    • I believe Mags will be the summer contrarian play.If the market is in turmoil it will most likely be from geo-political concerns.This is where Mags should benefit.Who cares where the Naz goes.Look at the trading in security stocks today.This should give you a clue.Times are not all rosey.

    • all the fast money is leaving mags and going to other momementum plays as soon as that slows down we will be ok.nothing has changed its still going much higher.

    • LOL!What a girl you are.LOL!You seem mad.Was it the fact that I pointed out that you ;1)Are a LIAR 2)You were caught short for over a 25% runup in 2 days LOL! or 3)Or the fact that I made money off you.LOL!!!!!!BUWAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

    • I hope you aren't referring to me Pal. I work in so. Manhattan 15 year and seen it all. The week that train got blown up in Barcelona, I was supposed to be there(vacation). My friends got coated with dust from the towers so don't start preaching to me. Your long but your a saint. You remind me of one of those phony preachers on tv. Puleeze!

    • Inciteful. He started it. Just kidding. Just having some fun. This board is not a serious investment discussion board. It still beats the Cisco board. All they talk about is politics. These boards are a means to vent. Jason will tell you that. He's been venting for 3 days. That kid takes it too serious.

      If you want I will have a serious discussion on Mags and any other stock. Just let me know.

    • No one in their right mind wants any harm to come to anyone, period.....

      People basically just want the stock to prosper....mainly for secure defense measures....NOT because they want someone hurt....

      Surely, those who support defense stocks, along with Mags, feel that they are supporting the fight on terrorism....

      Please don't read something in....that, in reality isn't there.....

    • This list is getting longer than the smart list.

      Can_of_Whipass (Only idiot to hold a stock and fall in love with it).
      Stockjunkie452002 (in love with can_of_dumbass)
      Scratching_my_head2 (owns it in his IRA)
      Te11ing_it_like_it_is (this guy sees all shorts as the same person � kuku)
      That_smells_fishy (this one�s smelling between his legs)
      Bullputspread71 (stuck in a time warp)
      Biker2003jason (this kid gets out of school and posts on the board same time. Shut up Cry Baby. Was spotted hitch hiking in Israel looking for Mag fences)
      Smk_01_2002 (wow. Mark it down. $21 by when? Kind of open ended)
      Helloyou90909 (couldn�t add this one fast enough. $70? Wave theory indeed)
      Karisrichstar (Link master. Hoping people die so stock goes up)
      Boxerxica3 (Has a fetish for the devil, and believes all non worshippers of Mags will go straight to hell)
      Jonica200 (Stray up I tell you. Filling and backing, backing and filling. Whatever that means)
      Fanninac (Will someday be found hiding with Bin Laden plotting a terrorist strike to profit off Mags)
      Ecatt2002 (Let�s all stop to pray this stock goes up, because that should work better than the jibberish I just spewed)
      Da_devils_advocatt (everyone loves Mags, especially the long term bag holders)
      Greenpicturesofdeadpresidents (no brainer)
      Mags_In_California (ultimate pumper holding 100 shares)

    • You are cracking up.LOL!Hysterical comes to mind.But usually that word applies to women.OOPS.That explains everything.

    • I'm so overloaded with the security sector I can't focus on any other sector. Have you been paying attention? I own every major HS play out there including Mags. I play the momentum short term. Don't think I will wait for it to hit $60. I have a buy program in place to buy if it goes above $17.55.

      If I buy anymore HS I will have to borrow your money to do it.

    • Only a fool would short something that could triple overnight. Remember WEL?

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