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  • scratching_my_head2 scratching_my_head2 May 25, 2004 3:43 PM Flag

    All pissed offness aside

    The Nasdaq +40, and Mags? Tell someone else it's suppose to be that way. The only thing keeping Mags above $14 is the Nasdaq is up +40.

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    • I hope you aren't referring to me Pal. I work in so. Manhattan 15 year and seen it all. The week that train got blown up in Barcelona, I was supposed to be there(vacation). My friends got coated with dust from the towers so don't start preaching to me. Your long but your a saint. You remind me of one of those phony preachers on tv. Puleeze!

    • No one in their right mind wants any harm to come to anyone, period.....

      People basically just want the stock to prosper....mainly for secure defense measures....NOT because they want someone hurt....

      Surely, those who support defense stocks, along with Mags, feel that they are supporting the fight on terrorism....

      Please don't read something in....that, in reality isn't there.....

    • Happy that we are on the same page - and that we agree that we want to fight for our way of life.


    • I'm so overloaded with the security sector I can't focus on any other sector. Have you been paying attention? I own every major HS play out there including Mags. I play the momentum short term. Don't think I will wait for it to hit $60. I have a buy program in place to buy if it goes above $17.55.

      If I buy anymore HS I will have to borrow your money to do it.

    • Mags_In_California.

      I am only a short term momentum trader with a margin account. I own Mags long term. That's support enough.

      But I am a very strong America supporter. I served my country and was willing to die for it. My problem is with those that wish harm on innocent individuals, and who wish to make money on other people's misery. That sir I have a problem with.

      Those people should not be so happy to post impeding terrorists strikes, and forewarn those who are short they are idiots because innocent people are going to die.

      I just pray for them that it is not them or their loved ones.

      Because it is all about Karma. What goes around comes around.

    • Hey scratching_my_head2:

      You just wrote: "Mags will surely go up with the news, and I will have to cover."

      I have been telling you that HIGH priced oil smells fear. You should have supported your country to in order that we can install more security and secure the pipeline rather than try to short/force the companies into bankruptcy.

      We are war with the terrorist, a war for our way of life. I can say that because I lived 100 miles from Afghanistan on a project for two years right before 9/11. We (Americans) received threats almost weekly from the US Embassy in Tashkent. The threats were from the Islamic Fundamentalist that wanted to kill the former communist leader in power in Uzbekistan. One message in late 2000 mentioned Bin laden by name. Clinton did nothing and now we are stuck with his mess.

      Don�t be so na�ve. Read the and you will learn.

    • You know what bothers me inciteful? There are those who've lost someone due to a terrorist attack. When the terrorists strike again someone else will lose a loved one.

      Instead of getting fed up with list posters having some fun, maybe you should focus your rage on those that want to profit off of other people's misery.

      That get's older a lot quicker than me calling bikerjason a cross dressing duck humper.

      Mags will surely go up with the news, and I will have to cover. But I would rather no-one died as a result of it. And to those who wish harm on others as a means for "their" precious stock to move up I say shame on them. Shame on them Mr. Inciteful.

      Did I mention BikerJason is BikerBubba's little b*tch?

    • Ahhh..another dumbass. Read the post (on the following link) about removing warning labels from products (to eliminate a portion of the general public) that I posted on ASE board a while back. Insert your name in the approriate areas.

    • relax,it makes us put up with bores like you.please go somewhere else.

    • >>>OH, GET A SENSE OF HUMOR!<<<

      I thought it was "slightly" humorous the first 85 times I read them. After the 86th time, I guess I just had had enough.

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