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  • badboy91998 badboy91998 May 26, 2004 10:45 PM Flag

    MAGS has 0% chance

    Yeah, message boards were screwed up, so I'll try this again. I agree with this poster, homeland security contracts will go to domestic companies, not foreign. MAGS makes peremiter fences and cameras, the guys the FBI are looking for are already here, so da fence didnt work! Besides, they are targeting public places, not private companies. While we need to be vigilant in this day and age, our society is based on freedom of movement. You cant fence in the public domain.

    MAGS has net income of $1.9 million, all from the electric fence between Israel and Palestine. I see no net income from other products yet, and motion cameras are available from many sources. IPIX sells them and hasnt sold any yet. Their 360 degree view camera doesnt ship until June. On top of that, all the insiders in management sold a ton of shares just last month. Now if MAGS was going to $30 or more, why did they all sell? They are the ones that know whats coming down the pipeline.

    MACE is a joke, they sell personal protection (mace cans) and car alarms. Not exactly what we need to thwart terrorists. I just feel this whole sector is a little too hyped up. CNBC did a piece after the close on MAGS,TBUS,IPIX and MACE calling them "highly speculative, daytraders at BEST". Cramer put out an alert today saying these gains of the last few days are "not sustainable".

    Now I will be the first to admit that Cramer is a blow hard, jerk off egotistical idiot. But he does have great sources on The Street and he knows what the big boys are doing. MAGS has such a low float, I feel if it was really going to fly, it would have run much higher today on the FBI conference. Yet it pulled back and had trouble holding $21 all afternoon.

    I think this sector is a bit overbought, Im gonna watch tomorrow and see which way it goes. But Im guessing that the big boys and the insiders know best, and I feel we get a pullback. The reason I quit watching CNBC was because of the Cramer guest spots, where he slammed or hyped a stock depending on his positions. If he is slamming these stocks, its a sure bet that he and alot of other big players are short. I dont think MAGS will drop much, but I could see $17-18 near term.

    Of course, God forbid if a bomb goes off, all bets are off!!

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