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  • badboy91998 badboy91998 May 26, 2004 11:01 PM Flag

    MAGS has 0% chance

    LOL, my my a little touchy arent we?? Go back and read my post again. I know Cramer sucks but he gets em right once in awhile. As a daytrader Im always flat (no positions) at the end of the day, and I have no current position in MAGS. Like I said, I will watch tomorrow and see which way this sector goes and then play it accordingly, just like everyday.

    When you daytrade and you're flat to start the next morning, you are free to REACT to the market, not sitting and hoping it goes your way. And dont be so hard on shorts, I short as much or more than I go long. The market needs shorts to be a market, think about it. Not everyone can be long, a market needs both sides to be a market. If you never short, you are severely limiting your trading and profit making ability.

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    • Why do you assume I dont short? Im short right now in a different sector. I think with geopolitical tension and oil still flirting with resistance, Plus memorial weekend, it's a no brainer pullback in the indexes. I just remember that idiot bragging away like he was god's gift to trading, when this stock declined from 35 to 12. Alot of that was manipulation, if the MM's are really selling they hide the ask. What I saw was blatant capping of the ask all day. I ended up breaking even overall, but I was pissed. Still dont trust this stock after that. I mean come on, doesnt anyone else smell a rat here? I called it at 25. A stock that goes from 35 to 12 back to 21 in a few sessions?

    • Do you ever notice how much they can manipulate a stock. Traders watch them all day, and the minute they hype, tout or bash a stock, it responds instantly. Today for example, (This was with cramer ironically) he had a miami pd officer and they discussed taser at the end of the talk (the talk was not about taser incidentally) The officer said tasers were so good. Instantly, in AH action, the stock spiked up.

      The only reason MSO ran so high before she was found guilty (and ppl lost a lot of $) was because Cramer was hyping the stoc kand saying it was undervalued ( i have heard this). This is the pwoer CNBC has, and they are successful!

      So i hear...I wonder if they have paid pumpers on their show to hype a stock? i would not be suprised! They really do have an effect on the action in a stock by luring in traders.

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