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  • surrational_investor surrational_investor May 26, 2004 11:21 PM Flag

    MAGS has 0% chance

    Why do you assume I dont short? Im short right now in a different sector. I think with geopolitical tension and oil still flirting with resistance, Plus memorial weekend, it's a no brainer pullback in the indexes. I just remember that idiot bragging away like he was god's gift to trading, when this stock declined from 35 to 12. Alot of that was manipulation, if the MM's are really selling they hide the ask. What I saw was blatant capping of the ask all day. I ended up breaking even overall, but I was pissed. Still dont trust this stock after that. I mean come on, doesnt anyone else smell a rat here? I called it at 25. A stock that goes from 35 to 12 back to 21 in a few sessions?

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    • I assumed you didnt short because of your comment "hope you are still short prick". Most people have such a hard on for shorting or people that do, its amazing. I have even heard it called "un-American" to short a company. And once again for the record, Im not short this stock!!!

      So, you called what at $25? A pullback or a runup? Curious as to your thoughts on MAGS and the whole sector.

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      • The MM's were manipulating the hell out of this at the 28-25 range and below. The idea was so good intitutions were mad all the retail had the cheap shares. This is testament to why low float stocks are dangerous, as a trader or a investor with low pain tolerance. The insiders can screw you in a moments notice, and the SEC doesnt give a damn. Come on israeli security is more advanced then the rest the world, think about it, it has to be! This stock was so short by the MM's you couldnt short it without being on the inside. Suddenly you can short it again and it's rallying on record volume just as I envisioned. Even a cursory glance at the fundamentals and a sound take of the geopolitical situation tells you this stock deserves a valuation far beyond 100 million market cap it was trading at. But the institutions were slow as they usually are, they have got lazy, they are used to upgrading and downgrading for money, legal crime. They got mad watching all the retail making money, so they attacked this stock and sector full force. I can see why crap with no earnings in this sector got killed. IDNX or TBUS for instance, But even IDNX didnt pull back as much as this. This stock has a solid balance sheet, positive earnings growth, and dividends. Add that this sector will be the hottest for days to come = shakeout.

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