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  • que_lastima_que_lastima que_lastima_que_lastima May 28, 2004 2:11 AM Flag

    My view of MAGS and logic in the trade

    1. All the Longs are believing that Shorts are the entire key to their investment, while Short interest is always part of the mix its hardly the over-riding reason for the stock price action. It�s also not a compelling reason to hold a stock based upon short term trading action.

    2. The CEO and other insiders are dumping shares into longs. Far from the claims of Shorts driving down the price, the reality it insiders have dumped over 80 million dollars of stock onto investors.

    3. The products are not unique enough, and they have no significant patents.

    4. The CEO projects very modest growth. No one disputes his modest projections and nobody has a better understanding than him

    5. The fantasy that Sellers are comprised of Shorts verse real sellers is just that, a fantasy. Its fun to believe there are evil Shorters, and it�s a gallant fight, but its children stories, much like the bedtime stories about the Market Making buying up your shares on the cheap.

    6. MAGS is not seeing sales jump, if the were going to, they would have in 2002 or 2003.

    7. Daytraders come, Daytraders go, Daytrader have better options

    8. At some point the hype stops the people buying the STORY move on, they don't care about all the fundamentals of the stock, because they only trade the stock for days.

    After the Daytraders leave they leave behind true believers, these folk hold on because they bought they bought the hype. The hold and hold and wait for their dreams of riches to come true, eventually the give up and move on.

    9. You can tell by the post here that the Stock promoters are pushing stock.

    10. I am sure that some poster will attack me, will try to claim I stupid and whatever, but the truth of valuation on stocks, and fundamentals, has a long memory, the stock pumpers have a small window to promote and pump a stock up, but in the end the market place catches up, market participants are rationale, and like the CEO, high valuations get sold off. MAGS is no different

    11. "This time its different"....NOPE this time is NOT different....we all know that.

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    • Very nicely written, and I can see by the reaction that it made a lot of sense to more than just me....but Denial is not a river in Egypt

    • Tell us something new. At least 10 people have posted this type of message or something very similar to it. If you think the stock is overbought go ahead and short it; if you think the Co is a solid investment why not go long. I can tell by what you said that you don't want to be perceived as a basher, but there is no conviction whatsoever in your post. That's a major no-no in the mkt IMO, you will get trampled if you have no conviction and are worried about not offending people. Everything you've posted is old new, let me inform you of some things. Yes, there was a good deal of insider sellin -last month FYI. How many insider sales have there been in the last 5 wks? The products are not uniqe. Which ones are you referring to? Pipeguard? Dreambox? Once again, MAGS is the premiere perimeter security Co in the entire world, or did you know that? Most of the rest of your post is blah, blah nonsense. Most of us here are not counting on either shorts or day traders to move this stock. The fact that they're here annoys me at times, but in no way does it discourage me. If you can't handle highly volatile small cap growth stocks why don't you move on to some large cap utility stock or some thinly traded micro cap. You know, something that trades about 100 shares a day and moves about a dime up or down a week. You haven't posted anything different that most of us haven't already read or thought about ourselves. If you're short say so, that would be different.

    • the truth is the company is expanding into the U.S.

      the company is paying a dividend, why would the company pay a dividend? to scare off investors or to make investors hold their shares?

      the company has good products and you can sit here and watch as the contracts roll in.

      the company shares are not being dumped by the insiders, that was the first run to 40 however since then the insiders have not sold, if they really thought the company is that bad, they would sell off again right now.

      the ceo can project whatever he wants, but he cannot project world events, and if people demand their products he cannot deny selling them products.

      shorts do have over 6% of the float and growing day by day, if shorts were really smart they would wait until the company got overvalued on its own, however if you believe shorts are not helping push a company with only 7 million shares outstanding, you are lost.

      the company said that the first quarter is the weakest, that means this quarter will be stronger, the company has a p/e of around 60? not overvalued when compared to other companies without any earnings at all.

      you can sit there and say the stock should not be where it is at and that it has no more room for appreciation, but its people like you that just sit and watch tasr make its huge run and then finally at the end think to themselves, damn i should have got in.

      this time is not different, this time its the same, same as all stocks that make runs, no one knows what will happen, sit back and watch, either you are in or not, but no one knows, thats part of risk and return, there are investors that are above your thought process.

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      • Growth potential is what you pay for.

      • qukaso2000.. you're right on the money man.. he is someone that just bs i call them bs because that what it is they offer the negative side only and not both side that why i call it a bs..

        it funny that you mentioned tasr because when i bought it back in 2001 after 9/11 at $17 it went down to $13 and people was bull shitting about oh yes tasr don't have this and that blah blah then suddenly the world turn and bang she bang and she goes and shorts keep predicting everyday oh yes it going to 20 it going to 14 when tasr was at 45 they still saying it going to 10 when infact the chart show it uptrend.. and then she went over $100 in a matter of a month....those that sit there and bs missed out for me i was lucky and make a millions on tasr thanks to my broker that told me tasr will rise because of security situation now mags is even position itself even better and it the hotest security stock,, like when mags was at 14 when they announed dividend i bought all i can because any company offer dividend got to be telling investor that they business is good and getting better and fund manager would want to own any company that offer dividend and i told shorts to cover but no they still bs look now mags is over $20 soon it will be over $40 and yet still same bs..

    • yes i will attack you because your analysis is wrong.. yes you can call it a hype or whatever it about making money if the trend is up you buy and when the trend is down you sell.. what you saying is like you and your friend found a pot of gold and all you do is standing and look while your friend picking up all the gold.. that call dumb ass.....same thing in mags... if the trend go up then it will go up but if the trend is down then just sell.. it call buy low and sell high.. it simple concept is that so hard to understand.

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