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  • firstwordisee firstwordisee Jun 2, 2004 5:46 PM Flag

    does anyone

    on this board have anything to offer about the company, is there any DD shared here? all I see is day trading banter...

    shorts dont bother to reply with your trash, thats too easy with ANY company.

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    • great I will expect it in short order, you might want to prepare your apology for tomorrows close it is a distinct possibility; and no I'm not full of shit. I have stated my position and plan honestly and forthright unlike most on this board. If I am wrong then I am and thats all there is....and I will move on, right now the stock says that I'm right and I have no intention of covering until it gives me a good reason too.

      FYI I would NEVER invest in this stock, I would only trade it. Buy JCOM in high 23's look at AUO at 16-18 those are investment grade companies. or trade in and out of MAGS but I would suggest you consider both sides of this roller coaster

    • you are full of shit and wish you were LONG. I don't belive you have the BALLS to go short and get your kicks talking to us because you have no friends. I am going to bed and will sleep well. If this stock breaks its 50 day within the next 3 weeks I will sincerely appologize to you personally.

    • FYI my minimum cover price is the 50 @20.18 so I may cover tomorrow. Depends on what the stock shows me. Based on previous patterns it could break hard and take a strong move South. If it does break the 50 that would be verrrrryyyy bad (if your long hahahahah)

      Stop being so emotional it's only your money going up in smoke.

    • 1. The parabolic is moving against you and a short term downtrend is in place. REALITY CHECK HOMER

      2. The 50 will be tested again, my bet is it will break through the 50 and fill the gap at 16. It filled the gap previously after the run to 40 and I believe it will do it again this is the "personality" of the stock.

      what it does after that I have no idea. I went long on this for a couple of points when it filled the last gap and may do so again. it all depends on how it acts and how many dummies line up to buy it after it completes it's correction.

    • i have known few stocks that I could call in a downtrend that were over the 50 Day MA. Idoit. Where the hell did you learn to trade? You must have just rushed your paycheck from WalMart over to Scottrade to cover your call. I hope your mom has some Jack because you are going to need it.

    • If you draw the trendline, you can see the down trend was broken when it traded above 20 three days ago.

    • Reality is ineedaferrari Is gaining something from being here..either hes trying to gain monetarily or internally. Either way he wouldn't be here unless he was trying to benefit from it.

      No one would be here if we couldn't benefit from it.

      Based on his name..he thinks the stock a little high here and would like to get in at a great price.

      Then he will go to strong buy and call the losers that sold..losers lol!!

    • terrified???????LOL please...just trying to convince a few more dummies to reality though the measly shares held by chumps like you amounts to nada. the down trend is in place and you should be worried not me. Have fun tomorrow lemming.

    • LOL..If you weren't terrified, you wouldn't be posting on this message board.

    • Valid point Ebonic (help me fill in the blank here. Japanese? Filipino?). Now that we are in agreement. Did Tasr ever go from $15 to $40 then drop like a rock right after earnings (excluding the last earnings report). Nope. That's why it went from $1 to $235. If Magal ever reports exceptional number's I'm with you.

      When did Hawaii leave the US, or did they stop teaching english there?

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