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  • magsdady magsdady Jun 2, 2004 9:23 PM Flag

    does anyone

    ceo,, i see you now the ex-military person,, wow! brilliant man,,, but about mags,, alots of thing do having to do with future events succh as terroit attack,,,, our government did said so that they are expecting an attack in the summer not over the last weekend that most idiots shorts was saying.. now it true everything for most part is momemntum stock or else it wouldn't fly like up $3 dollars a day or so,, now look at those boring stock like msft,, dead the end of the story,,, but if you want to make a quick money yes mags or any of these high flying stock ,, i should know because i used to own tasr now before you bash me it true i did own tasr after 9/11 but it went down after i bought it but because of the security fear tasr was going up like crazy ,, first because low float and many monkey ass shorts are ridiing on it and getting killed everyday ,, it continues to go up even the market was down ,, now mags had showing that sign in the past week and it look like the same pattern it travel since last run ,, april 2 was the down day same as today june 2,, then it went up alots after that ,, it more and more like death trap for the shorts.. you know it's so funny how tasr shorts was just bashing and bashing oh yes tasr is going to $15 so on and so on but yet tasr kept going up,, what i'm saying is you don't really know where mags is going and it could easily be going up alots more before it fall .. now the name of the game is buying low and selling high i give you that ... yes it is momentum stock but you don't really know when to get out or when to short it but since shorts claimed everyday that they shorted mags ,, didn't that tell you that shorts got hammered everyday.. well to except of today and last tuesday but then the next day mags bounce back big and shorts got f...ked i can go on and on arguing with you and the rest of the shorts but i saw the same shitt with tasr when that baby going up and the trend line show it but shorts kept bull shitting everday and yet they are losing every penny their got....the end...

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