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  • firstwordisee firstwordisee Jun 2, 2004 5:46 PM Flag

    does anyone

    on this board have anything to offer about the company, is there any DD shared here? all I see is day trading banter...

    shorts dont bother to reply with your trash, thats too easy with ANY company.

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    • greenpicturesofdeadpresidents greenpicturesofdeadpresidents Jun 2, 2004 5:47 PM Flag

      You're in the wrong place for a meaningful discussion. Try the ONCY board.

    • Wow. Was there one cohesive sentence in that bla bla bla drawn out discussion on much to do about nothing?

      Another place to debate "illegal immigration" find a home on slate, and I'll meet you there to debate that issue.

      Admittance of ignorance is the first step to not being ignorant.

      Tasr and Ebay have the growth that leads their stock price. You were kidding about that one, right? Tasr to the excess, but it is reporting awesome year over year and sequential growth. Ebay is moving right along with earnings growth, and is a solid company. How can you compare Ebay to a fence making company?

      I am ex-military. How do you think I know what I'm talking about with the identification and US Visit contract? Come on. Are you an Amateur or what? I'm not sure why I'm even wasting my time with a new bag holder.

      "Most stock's rise on news, hype, and momentum". Yeah and then crash and burn on earnings day. You are foolish at best. Stock's CONSISTENTLY RISE ON EARNINGS. The day Ebay brings home some crappy earnings and watch that stock crash.

      Who gave you access to a computer? Learn before you post instead of insert foot into mouth.

      I hear they are having a two for one special at a Schwab investment seminar near you. Look into it before you start putting your money in the market.

    • ceo,, i see you now the ex-military person,, wow! brilliant man,,, but about mags,, alots of thing do having to do with future events succh as terroit attack,,,, our government did said so that they are expecting an attack in the summer not over the last weekend that most idiots shorts was saying.. now it true everything for most part is momemntum stock or else it wouldn't fly like up $3 dollars a day or so,, now look at those boring stock like msft,, dead the end of the story,,, but if you want to make a quick money yes mags or any of these high flying stock ,, i should know because i used to own tasr now before you bash me it true i did own tasr after 9/11 but it went down after i bought it but because of the security fear tasr was going up like crazy ,, first because low float and many monkey ass shorts are ridiing on it and getting killed everyday ,, it continues to go up even the market was down ,, now mags had showing that sign in the past week and it look like the same pattern it travel since last run ,, april 2 was the down day same as today june 2,, then it went up alots after that ,, it more and more like death trap for the shorts.. you know it's so funny how tasr shorts was just bashing and bashing oh yes tasr is going to $15 so on and so on but yet tasr kept going up,, what i'm saying is you don't really know where mags is going and it could easily be going up alots more before it fall .. now the name of the game is buying low and selling high i give you that ... yes it is momentum stock but you don't really know when to get out or when to short it but since shorts claimed everyday that they shorted mags ,, didn't that tell you that shorts got hammered everyday.. well to except of today and last tuesday but then the next day mags bounce back big and shorts got f...ked i can go on and on arguing with you and the rest of the shorts but i saw the same shitt with tasr when that baby going up and the trend line show it but shorts kept bull shitting everday and yet they are losing every penny their got....the end...

    • stocks rise on earnings, again brilliant

      you are one smart ex milatary man, they musta taught you good in there, what did you do, run the candy store?

      I'm done with you shorty, your telling me nothing useful, I have wasted enough time with you. Your personal attacks mirror your character.

      I bet your still a virgin with that personallity. Your the kind of jerk that can clear a room during a 10 min conversation arent you? Or are you just hiding behind the covert power of your PC.

      I would ask this though, whats an "expert" such as yourself waisting his time on this company/board, you must have millions by now unless of course you cant sell your advice to your imaginary friends.

      ...I havent bought it long or short....who is holding what bag, it sounds like you have more to lose either way than me, your working too hard at this.

      I wont see your response, good luck loser.

    • FYI my minimum cover price is the 50 @20.18 so I may cover tomorrow. Depends on what the stock shows me. Based on previous patterns it could break hard and take a strong move South. If it does break the 50 that would be verrrrryyyy bad (if your long hahahahah)

      Stop being so emotional it's only your money going up in smoke.

    • Illegal immigrants steal jobs from legal citizens of the USA. Albeit, they are low paying jobs, but they take away opportunities from Americans.
      There is also a law in effect (can't recall the name of this law) that says illegal immigrants have a right to a free education at American universities...if they can PROVE that they are illegal immigrants...while Americans have to pay for their education. How wrong is that?? The supporters of this law say that since the "illegals" are here, may as well train them to be valuable members of our society, rather then be exploited and paid cheap wages to do menial tasks (sugar cane cutters, vegetable/fruit pickers, etc.) But what about the Americans that do these jobs?? Shouldn't they be entitled to an education?? Guess not...we have to pay...illegal immigrants get a free ride. There is something wrong here.

    • terrified???????LOL please...just trying to convince a few more dummies to reality though the measly shares held by chumps like you amounts to nada. the down trend is in place and you should be worried not me. Have fun tomorrow lemming.

    • great I will expect it in short order, you might want to prepare your apology for tomorrows close it is a distinct possibility; and no I'm not full of shit. I have stated my position and plan honestly and forthright unlike most on this board. If I am wrong then I am and thats all there is....and I will move on, right now the stock says that I'm right and I have no intention of covering until it gives me a good reason too.

      FYI I would NEVER invest in this stock, I would only trade it. Buy JCOM in high 23's look at AUO at 16-18 those are investment grade companies. or trade in and out of MAGS but I would suggest you consider both sides of this roller coaster

    • LOL..If you weren't terrified, you wouldn't be posting on this message board.

    • Its a PUBLIC board dichead, and I wont mind my own business when I get insulted from a ignorant peon such as yourself.

      The economy does not need an UNDOCUMENTED work force thats bull and if your not smart enough to understand that then I'm not the one to explain it to you. FYI - I am married to a Mexican, her parents are American CITIZENS, they came here LEGALLY.

      Middle Eastern and Chinese are trying to cross the desert borders and are captured every are illegal mexicans, they only capture about 2%. IS that WHAT YOU CALL TRUSTING YOUR GOV. TO STOP TERROISM?

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