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  • Tangeran Tangeran Jun 4, 2004 3:56 PM Flag

    Double Dip

    DD style

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    • Double dipping of my hand into long's pockets. :)

    • It will have ZERO impact on MAGS.
      The cost of installing any security measures that MAGS sells far out weighs the cost of 3-5 lives a day. I know this sounds harsh but it is true. I feel sorry for every family who loses a family member to the war, I have a family member shipping out to Iraq soon and I am worried about him for sure.
      If MAGS does set up an office in Cali. they may be in better shape but still even then the current price of the stock can not be supported at these levels.
      The security stock running up are no different than the bubble of 1999-2000. Some stocks did make it through and are doing well today but many did not. The same will happen here to the security sector. they may be a few shinning stars after the big fall that is coming, one may even be MAGS, but I doubt it. the few that survive will be little known names or large player who have always been in place.


      My broker must love me that is for sure. A while back I checked how much he was making off me per month. It was a lot mor ethan I had thought it was that is for sure.

    • what is your monthy return on investment?

      "stocks on my lists that I trade every day...Long and short. Depends on which way the market and/or the stock is going, if the stock has options, there are many varibles."

    • Once you become a patteren day trader they margin rate is increased about 3 times the amount it would be with a non patteren daytrader account. So 25k is close to 80k in buying power. With 80k and a 5 cent mover on 7000 shares of say orcl you could make or lose 350 bucks in a matter of minutes. I buy when something hits the day low plus 5% more of the loss on the day. Same thing with a short on a high for the day, unless the stock is in a tight trading range. I use 1 minute charts and have 5 pcs going all day long plus renees laptop for message boards and her e mail. If you account drops below 25k you will get a daytrading call and have to send in a check to bring it back up to 25k.
      The rule was passed after so many mom and pop traders lost their asses in 2000 crash. IMO it is much like a casino who closed their doors after many people lost nearly all their money.
      I also have another account I strictly use to buy stocks and sell covered calls on, I do about 5-11% per month in that account.

    • I recently switch brokers my old broker TD Waterhouse canada charged min $29 per trade my new broker is Interactivebrokers
      USD 0.01/Share USD 1.00 For up to 500 shares
      USD 0.005/Share Incremental shares > 500
      USD 0.003/Share Additional fee for API equity directed orders.
      So now I can trade without worrying about fees in the past I need .06 to break even so now on 10K I'd take .02-.05 too :> .

    • The only way I would ever go long MAGS is if options are made available, even then I would not go long until 12-14 and once again it would be for a limited tme 5 minutes to a few hours but never over night unless I was at a huge loss and selling covered calls to make the loss up. That would be very unlikely because I would sell if I were at a small loss before I let the loss get out of hand. I trade large blocks for small move on a 10k block of ORCL I am happy with .02-.05 move in my favor. I try to never get greedy.

    • cute kid :)

    • renew,, i bet you lose most of the time,, day trading is not investing... you will get burn in the long run... you can't always time the market or each individual for that sake..

      if you telling me otherwise then you're lying through your teeth.. but i would to show you around town and teach you little bit or two. you hear.

    • What are you talking about Stock or something else...

      This is what I have gathered:

      You have no position.

      You like to put your hands in Long's pocket.

      You don't wear any deodorant.

      As long as you see a table, you go for it and You do not stay in the same position for long.

      You like to do longs and shorts as well.

      If there were options you would be doing both long and short

      Sounds like you might come handy someday:)

      I am sure your "Broker" loves to see his client

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