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  • sohmednipmip sohmednipmip Jun 9, 2004 9:05 AM Flag

    Feels like christmas


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    • Yesterday, my pretty Christmas mug smashed to the ground from the blinds..(I collect mugs)..I was wondering, is God upset with me? And now you mention the word Christmas..I feel He watches our every move!

      Anyway, I said some extra prayers, and today does look like Christmas!!!!! And is a good omen, after all.....

    • Thank you for the info. I certainly will investigate the Good Sister. Sorry if I came across as anti-statue. I really am not. Anything can be an idol, money, spiritual preconceptions, cars, relationships, religious culturism and exclusivity(harkens back to my Born Again days where one feels one must fit in a certain "slot" of patterned behaviour(suits) and cliches. Very intersted in seeing what she thinks of reincarnation since I have read extensively on the subject(Brian Weiss,Swedenborg,etc.)and have had "Deja Vu" experiences in Europe and lucid dreams incredibly realistic of past experiences. Oh well. On with the markets. Take care and prosper.

    • The Good Sister said the souls told her "you live but once"..Reincarnation does not really make sense to me, anymore..If we don't remember past lives, how do we profit? Also, an example: I read of a family in India, that let their baby drown, because she had bad "karma" from a past life! If that is not the Devil at work, deceiving, what is?

    • What Deja Vu experiences have you had, if you don't mind? But regarding dreams, I lost both my parents in one year, and I always look for "signs" from them..I have received some.I.E. my Dad would always question when exactly my birthday he got confused with age..On my birthday, I got a strong urge to contact one of his sisters..His sister did not know my birthday, but said to me: "You know, I dreamt of your father last night"! It was the one and only time she ever dreamt of him!He said to her: "You're looking good"..God Bless Moms and Dads..for their sacrifices.and my Dad trying to get through to me.

    • Regarding reincarnation there is too much evidence supporting it. Read Brian Weiss he hypnotizes children and they tell him about their former lives while trancing w/o fail and in great detail. There is a veil between this lifes conciousness and past life memories which can be broken temporarily. The experience is incredibly intense and draining for the subject. I hesitate to mention more on the message board since certain knowledge can be misused.

    • Did you read what I wrote about the family that believed in reincarnation, and let their baby drown because the child committed a sin in a "past life"? I could cite other examples..India, so enlightened, that they burn their women for not having enough of a dowry,and also, sometimes kill their girl babies..India, a country that worships cows.. And, as I wrote, if one does not remember a past life, how can one profit from it? I will read about Brian Weiss, though.. But, never forget the Devil is called a Great Deceiver, and while under a trance, he may gain possession of one..Does Brian Weiss live a life of poverty?

    • With the advent of the computer, letter sequencing was made much easier. (The code was broken by a Rabbi after WW II). The Bible foretold Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, WTC, many other prophesies, which came to pass.So, I take very seriously what the Bible teaches..and it does not teach reincarnation.But I appreciate your input..

    • Well, surely some of Indias' culture and beliefs are bizzare and just because they have knowledge of it doesn't mean it isn't twisted. Every Religion has passed through this twisted, 'overboard' phase. I much prefer to approach this scientifically and seperate reincarnation from any religious taint. Regarding juvenile trance derived past life recollections, the devil or some malevolent extradimensional entity(bad spirit) would no doubt in my mind, be overstepping his bounds in doing what you say, although there is room for the possibility that the mind when trancing is merely tapping into the Jungian universal mind. This I will admit.

    • Au Contraire Mon Ami! There are many references to reincarnation in the Book. But, since we are taught to reject the idea we pass over them w/o acknowledging them.

    • The Bible is inspired by the Lord, and who am I, or anyone, to dispute it? If you read of Maria Simma, I believe it will answer a lot of questions. Of course the Devil (and his angels)will overstep their bounds..That's why we have Exorcisms, by Priests that are specially trained to know the signs..(and not a mental illness)..Maria lives a life according to the way Jesus lived..Unlike Brian Weiss, I am sure..

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