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  • hanan0005 hanan0005 Jul 5, 2004 3:54 PM Flag

    price in isreal

    look's like a false rumor about winning a contract in holland or india .
    There's a good chance it will fall back in israel tomorrow.
    watch out the stock has a resistance in 20$ , and it's next quarter report is doubtful .
    if it's falling down there's no real support area before 13$ .

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    • Incorrect. Magal did win and have a contract in India. The problem is with Magal's perimeter detection system and technology. It reported too many false positives due to large animals, ie elephants, roaming and crossing the perimeter. Perhaps this is a matter of tweaking, but it prompted a stop on additional use to Magal's system.

      In my opinion, it's a matter of tweaking. Nonetheless, Magal does do business and has contracts in India, but the fruit from which may be stalled at this time.

      Having said this, funds earmarked for perimeter security in Iraq has yet to fully allocated. In my opinion, there's plenty of business and projects to go around and, in my opinion, Magal is likely to grab some of that business. And even it's small, it's likely to have a material impact to Magal since, as we know, it too is operating from a small base.

      Based on current business and fundmentalts and based on a broadening market for perimeter security, Magal is in good position to capitalize on many, many opportunities.

      For a long-term play, Magal, again, looks very well positioned. For a short-term play, which I'm less interested, Magal's stock can be materially impacted by news, development and contracts, given the small float, percentage of shares shorted and current valuation.

      This is precisely why I'm here.

      For those seriously interested in Magal, both as a long term and a possible short-term play, read my posts. And if you're serious and are knowledgable, then feel free to get in tocuh with me...


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