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  • zarman3333 zarman3333 Aug 5, 2004 1:01 PM Flag

    same old story

    MAGS continues to be a dying no volume equals lower stock price. MMs probably still very short and want lower prices.
    Gukky, allingame, seemefish, etc, are you still holding? Do you have an exit game plan?

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    • Oh, allingame, there's you other bagholder buddy throwing in his 2 cents. Hopefully you boys have some capital gains to use this MAGS capital loss against.
      I am outta here. It's been fun, truly.

    • OK, I'll give you a few dollar move in a hour or less (although the time for this with MAGS I believe is long gone. But you are forgetting I won't need to be typing anything because I have my good old trailing stop (remember those?) in place. SO if it goes up enough, I'll get stopped out, move on and be happy. Those without stops (you) will have to endure painful moves down that may last a long long time (potential for dead money on top of that big loss you already have). So you can see why I am not afraid of a big move up...I am protected.

    • Your $1/second comment is ridiculous. MAGS had some great momentum this year, but its long gone, maybe never to return like that again.
      Short is the place to be now.

    • Yes I read it. you are saying that momentum appears out of nowhere and is gone in a flash so you have to hold long in order to catch it. I disagree. True momentum builds and has legs. You won't catch the very bottom but you'll be along for much of the ride, and you sure as hell will miss the painful declines that you are currently experiencing.

    • If we assume your hypothesis to be true that
      "MMs are probably still very short, and want lower prices", do you infer from data how short MM's might be? I still contend, of course, that MAGS is very attractively priced at these levels, even with the ridiculously low volume, and in strong hands. This is certainly no time for a serious long to jump out of the boat.

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