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  • rambos_10 rambos_10 Dec 17, 2004 9:39 PM Flag

    bosch-federico 16 years of tradin


    i cant beleive this guy claims he has 16 years of experience and says today was capitulation. this is like saying you know english without knowing the alphabet.

    capitulation is known by massive volume on the downside. it is bascially throwing the towel. then it takes a stock to base for 6 months before it goes up if it ever goes up.

    MAGS volume was 200000 which is very low. MAGS is broken techincally and fundamentally weak.

    look at the chart do not listen to idiots. this stock is maniuplated by shorts. obviously the longs cant control it since they are on borrowed money and the shorts can borrow their shares and take it down. without shorts this stock will be trading at 15

4.55-0.08(-1.73%)Oct 24 3:45 PMEDT