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  • yahoo yahoo May 11, 2005 8:34 AM Flag

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    • "While on my hight horse"? What exactly do you mean by that, or are you able to do something other than impugn, such as argue and reason?
      "They are not really people"? Are you now the judge of the earth? My heart goes out for those people, they need to be shown another way IMO.
      No, they are NOT all terrorists.
      Do you think if al-Qaeda had 'nukes' they wouldn't have already used them on us?

    • Two things.

      I didn't see anything in his reply that even came close to mention what you are seeing.

      2nd, Have you been there, I bet the answer is a big fat "NO". I have and believe me we go through great pains, on ensuring that innocent lives are not taken.

      So STFU and sit back in your corner.

    • your mama should be nuked, ignorant bitch!
      Don't you americans see that the whole world hates your country and what it stands for? We're not critisising all americans, but it's people like you that create the hatred against the us. Your only friend is israel, and that is as long as they need you...

      Just light up a reefer and bugger off!

    • Mrharrynutz2004,

      You hit the nail right on the head, Great Job.

      poska245, look into your own history of Europe back in the 70s and 80s when terriorism ran rampant in Europe. Do you think if the governments of Germany, Engalnd, and also France didn't act then, that the terriorist would have simple gone away, a big NOT.
      As far as France goes, it has it head up it's own as_. I denounced my French citizenship years ago and would do it several hundred more times if I had to. I am proud to serve and defend the Good old USA and it's allies. Something that France has never been able to accomplish, they would rather run away and lose what they have.

    • I question your premise about war on terrorism begetting more of it; if force is met with force, then the terrorists know what they can expect from us. Israel shows us this, or do you think the Jews should simply roll over and die, that they should simply cease to exist? As far as the war being based on lies that's questionable; if the president was 'absolutely certain' there were no weapons there and went ahead anyway, don't you think that would be political suicide? All the intelligence in the world pre-war was convinced Iraq had WMD, even many European countries. The fact that it turned out diferently doesn't mean they lied, it simply means they had faulty intelligence, nothing more. (Not, that bad intelligence isn't a serious problem itself.)
      We're "paranoid on terrorism"? What if 9/11 had taken place in France, what would France be like? Would they seek justice or would they capitulate like all our comedians jest about them?
      "He just wants the oil"? We could have negoitiate with Saddam and ignored all the human rights violations in Iraq, like the Europeans do, that was the easy way out.
      Are you really suggesting that CNN and the other reporting agencies are mere puppets of our government, like they are in the majority of the world? Most Americans would scoff at that IMO.
      "Do I think I know the truth?" I try to get my facts from a variety of sources and consider what agenda and biases each of them has. I jsut have serious doubts about your version of the truth, that's all.
      Take care

    • relax. it ain't gonna happen. it's only domestic political jockeying inside sharon's likud party. if he really wanted to whack that frog-faced fu*k, he could have done so in 82 when arafat was holed up in beirut. who knows? history might have turned out a lot happier for everyone had he given the order.

      • 1 Reply to caddidy66
      • Europe acts like they are so prim and proper about human rights and solving things through peaceful means. It is as if they have ALL the answers - while barbarians like Jews (Aka. Israelis) go about causing the earth�s problems by blowing innocent people. In addition, it�s often alleged that ignorant and stupid Americans kill �thousands� of civilians in wars that have no meaning. Of course, Israelis are fighting tooth and nail to keep their society from being destroyed. Whereas the US is fighting tooth and nail to save all of modern civilization. Key facts, that are kindly forgotten by our European friends.

        The fact of the matter is that Europeans are nothing but hypocrites that treat Jews and Blacks worse than trash. They are the barbarians. I lived in Italy and you should have seen how the police stopped black people all the time trying to catch them without papers. It is 100 times more racist than even the most backwards hick town I have ever seen in the US. However, somehow I remember Europeans asking how we can be �so racist� in America. That was annoying to me at the time, now it makes sense. I realize how Europe lives in a constant dream world.

        By living in their sleepy dream, Europe is showing the world all the wonders terrorism can accomplish. Since they have no military they bow to terror. They change their views and values to accommodate their weakness. Indirectly, their actions support the side of oppression instead of democracy. We see how Europeans negotiate with terrorists. - paying them ransom, releasing them on bail. They also reward politicians that base their entire campaigns on how the US is crap and our methods of confronting terrorists are the cause of all problems in the world. (Schroeder, Charac, the new clown in Spain) They look at those who fight terrorism as the ones who cause terror. They turn their backs on their allies. They forget what matters � freedom, security, civil rights. They learn to hate Jews and Americans. If it was up to Europe we would invite Osama over for tea and solve our problems over lunch and crisps in a nice conversation. Yeah..right.

    • Well, it looks like Arafat better contract MAGS to do his surveillance then, eh?
      P.S. They don't call me Nutz for nuthin'!

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