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  • roger_island roger_island Jun 22, 2005 10:07 AM Flag


    I'm more convinced this is dead money. Hung on waiting for a boost from new contracts. Latest contract announcement and current price is lower.

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    • breeves, breeves, breeves_1999, get real. If you want to get your ass clipped off like an ostrich in the
      sand don't be so brass as to take other with ya'. Try
      this-------being honest-------what a refreshing state of
      mind. You're in love with a 'loser' O.K. I accept that.
      yet 'so what' comes to mind. I have shown you, Mr.
      attitude, my sources for MAGS demise. Choke on them if you want but don't ask others to go down with you. Toss around the word, ethics, will you?

    • Drop the BS, and also your phony, condescending
      attitude. Your arguments are as weak and porous as the US border.
      If you're going to cite data (rather than your interpretations of data), how about some sources?
      Get real!
      MAGS is at, or very close to it's bottom, imo,
      and has great upside potential from here.
      Remember, diversify, and buy cheap, sell high.

    • It's worse than dead money.
      I thought 10 was the bottom.
      I thought 9 was the bottom.
      Lack of transparency.
      Lack of contract announcements.
      Lack all around.
      Utterly disgusted at this point.

      • 2 Replies to geowww
      • As one who has owned MAGS for many years, and never lost a penney, I'm a little annoyed by some of the same things as you, but I'm not yet utterly disgusted.
        IMHO, it's very difficult to fairly compare MAGS with other stocks, but that's the way it is.
        Too bad they don't make bubble bum or pencils, in which case they might be able to divulge more contract news and avoid some of the cheap shots.
        Simply put, MAGS has the best stuff, in a world that sorely needs it.
        It's expanding capacity and leading in R&D.
        I believe patience is in order, and most certainly would not sell at these levels.
        Just ignore the "short and scare" tactics that we've seen more of the last few days.

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