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  • breeves1999 breeves1999 Jul 11, 2005 12:17 PM Flag

    Shrill Name-Calling Doesn't Seem To Be

    helping your cause, G'tron.
    Maybe it's time for you shorts to change hats and go up with the good guys?
    This car surely seems to want to go up.

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    • LOL....

      Name calling? Hardly...just commenting on your sense of self importance.

      As far as "my cause" not sure I follow you but as far as this stock MO is pretty simple..wait for a false start, short it, cover after the fallout, pay the bills.

      I do respect your buy and hold stategy but for some reason I prefer to trade this one.

      • 1 Reply to gambletron_2000_ffl
      • G'tron, you're certainly entitled to your misperceptions of my "sense of self importance," but trust me, it is not I who is important, nor do I entertain any such silly notions. I'm just an individual investor who is enthusiastic about one of his long-term holdings, MAGS.
        But make no mistake about it, because of the unequalled technology of her products, MAGS IS important to the protection of Israel, per se, and other freedom-loving countries around the world, imo.
        Concerning the matter of your "cause," for as long as I can remember, you have through your remarks, associated yourself primarily, if not exclusively, with those purportedly shorting, or trying to short this stock in a most concerted, and as I see it, disgusting fashion.
        Pardon me if I misinterpreted your remarks or intentions.

    • I am hoping new fence news will give us staying power. Seems like a sure thing for MAGS, if there are any security provisions built-in.

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