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  • moolaiwant moolaiwant Apr 21, 2006 11:11 AM Flag

    A conversation with the CEO

    By a very smart yahoo poster (name protected).

    "I spoke with Cobi Even Ezra this morning--at his home in Israel. I was pleased with our conversation.

    As for the missed European project revenues--the deal does not seem to be more than a hiccup that would have been more significant had the company not had such a solid pipeline of orders and potential orders. I don't expect to see the European deal renewed. That deal is dead.

    The company is working with a large US integrator on the US/Mex border. That company has a $2 billion contract with the US. The final details of the contract must be worked out by May 30th. Magal will be receiving a significant contract from that deal. Significant, would probably be somewhere between $8 and $50 million. MY GUESS would be around $12-$18 million....THAT IS JUST A GUESS.

    When asked what he is MOST excited with he stated "Pipeguard". Magal has signed a deal with the company in the "Americas" the release and commencement of that deal could happen any day.

    He is also extremely excited about Dream Box (used for Borders) That surveillance system could receive large orders in the US and Europe.

    The political situation in Israel bodes well for future Israeli business. The company should do at least as much Seam Line Fence contracts (16% of revenues last year) as 2005.

    Defense Sensors used for perimeter security (borders) could see some significant orders

    As far as press releases--the company expects the Pipe Guard release soon. The US integrator for the US border is in a nondisclosure agreement w/ our govt. However, the company should be able to release details of the size of the US contract in May when things are finalized. The company did receive a large contract (borders related) this quarter however it must (at this time) remain confidential.

    The company expects that the next two quarters will make up for the 1st quarter shortfall and then some.....Very Confident of that being achieved.

    The CEO will retire soon. Not until he "reaches $100 million in revenue". Keep in mind he is 74 or 75 years old and would like to end his career on a high note. He is very confident that he will achieve his goal in the next 18 months.

    The number 2 guy has been assuming much of the role as CEO in the last year, so I expect a very smooth transition.

    The company did $68 million in revenues in 2005. A surge in revenues to the $100 million level would mean enormous appreciation for the stock.

    Earnings should be announced in the first few days of May."

    See me at $16-18 in the near future!!

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