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  • muchigher muchigher May 30, 2006 7:43 PM Flag


    The market is ugly ! MAGS down a an american penny.Not bad. Then again the market could be up 200 and MAGS could be down .50. Forget what barchart says ,forget what the mkts. are doing MAGS does it's own thing. This is not a normal situation .Barchart is good and I have made some money using it but before MAGS made a move to 14+ barchart said sell sell sell, and look what happened. What I'm trying to say is MAGS is not typical and normal barometers usually don't work with this stock. You never know when this is going to explode to the upside, this is really due for some positive stuff and like I said before it's a tremendous buy down here and it's going to be a huge winner!

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    • Is fun ! Rewarding ! pain ! real ! NEWS! Muchigher prices and I don't mean for gas. Reality is many up days in the near future on the way. It's all good . Stay in shape you never know when you are truely going to be tested, be strong be hard be MAGS.

    • Good post, muchigher...refreshingly relevant, truthful, and succinct.
      Any naive investors who might be misled by the occasional shorties and bashers have only to listen to CEO Even-Ezra's remarks, in the Apr.30 Conference Call, to understand the reasons for what you say. His accent is a little tricky, but he is obviously as forthright and informative as
      possible, given the nondisclosure agreements.
      Replay, as usual, is at the MAGAL Home Page:

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      • Yes, good post. Unfortunately for you, all the "good posts" in the world won't stop MAGS from continuing the slow the stock price drifts lower and lower as the weeks pass. This truly was a no-brainer. The theme has been a slow, but continual, dumping of shares with no buying.

        Such is the way with story stocks. Botton line is REVENUE AND EARNINGS. For MAGS, both are falling. That's reality. That's why you will be seeing MAGS under $9.00 shortly. That much is certain...much more so than "big news just around the corner" hype.

        Sorry to burst your bubble...'cause it seems ya'll have been clinging to this story for a loooong tiem with nothing to show for it other than a shrinking investment account.

        Good luck to you kids. You most certainly need it ;)

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