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  • iamaflyonthewall iamaflyonthewall Jun 1, 2006 6:46 PM Flag

    NEWS IS COMING,,,,,SOON!!!!!

    1-Wazzzzzz I Talking To You?????

    2-Ref <Unreliable Idiot>
    We Shall See Now,,,,,,Won't We!!!!



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    • ...MAGS only runs on news. Revenues and earnings are decreasing, so that's not gonna let MAGS run. It's "news" everyone's "news" that will make MAGS run.

      REALITY CHECK: MAGS hasn't released any "news" for almost a year. Hey fly, you'de be much better off predicting your "news is on the way" bullshit on a stock that actually releases news every now and then. There are literally THOUSANDS of 'em out there...and they rally on news!

      But alas, the genius clearly has had his money tied up for a looooong time with MAGS, with nothing to show for it but a shrinking investment account. So what does he do? He gets desperate...resorting in a feeble attempt to rally the troops on a message hopes they buy 2,000 shares (which makes this stock pop 2-3%) on hopes and dreams so he can get the hell outta dodge. It's quite hilarious, really.

      Newsflash, are a dime a dozen. Go back to '05 and you'll see many people did the same thing as you. They eventually gave up the ghost, sold, and their "news is on the way" posts magically disappeared. Get a clue my man...your worthless predictions don't do anything for this stock, in case you haven't noticed :)

      Good luck!

      • 2 Replies to itsalottafunbeingright
      • MAGS will move up when it's ready and we are close. Year over year we are showing growth and the contract loss is a small bump in the road that will mean nothing in the near future.As for fly ,he sounds ridiculous at times but WHO CARES maybe he does know something,I don't know, this board is fun but it is no Bloomberg. Relax and enjoy the ride to the upside because it's coming soon.I hope you make your money soon because THE TIDE WILL TURN.I like your posts but your a bit delusional and sounds like the pressure of being short is getting to you. It's all good!

      • If you have been here since 05 ,get alife or a hobby. MAGS bashing I guess is your hobby and it seems your a bit upset at something or someone and maybe you should join a gym. It looks like yor a dime a dozen but in a mental institution. Lighten up ,have some fun ,buy MAGS down here and you'll have plenty of money for a new hobby maybe go back to school,ballet lessons,cooking classes or even anger mgmt! good luck

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