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  • moedamnmoney moedamnmoney Jun 9, 2006 3:54 PM Flag

    ITSA Getting REAMED; 11% Up Now

    I don't think it's mere randomness aaplj. The 5 reasons I have heard here and on the ASEI bd are: Isreali budget finally passed; Hamas declaration today that they will reinitiate hostilities; Pipeguard news about to pop; a big buyer entering; or US Border security sub-contracts upcoming. I would find it incredible that randomness could drive an 11% move. Also, volume (about 40k sh) isn't huge, but is fair for MAGS (is in the single digit thousands on slow days). MD$

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    • Like I mentioned in an earlier post, this is how itsa works mentally. When he starts to get little to no attention, he emerges with something to throw everyone off and get renewed attention. I've seen it on too many boards. Beware and put him on ignore, I promise you won't miss a thing.

    • as opposed to fake money go mags!!

    • itsalottafunbeingright itsalottafunbeingright Jun 15, 2006 10:34 PM Flag

      I hope so!

      I like your posts. It was fun barbing w/ you :)

    • GO MAGS.. Time to make some real money..

    • itsalottafunbeingright itsalottafunbeingright Jun 15, 2006 11:36 AM Flag

      Did I say I covered TODAY? No, I didn't.

      The fact that MAGS has bounced off of the $9.25 support line three times is good enough for me. A good trader can change sides on a whim depending what he sees setting up in fron of him. It's not about "I'm right, you're wrong". It's about pattern recognition.

    • itsalottafunbeingright itsalottafunbeingright Jun 15, 2006 10:43 AM Flag

      Looks like $9.00 is indeed the bottom for MAGS. I'm in on the long side now folks. IOnce MAGS breaks through $11.00, it could move up fast. Plan on being here for a while, unless it tanks on bad news.

      Let's ROLL! :)

    • stop pumping this stock with false hopes. The CEO of this company is already doing that. I really hope the SEC investigates him and you. but I doubt they will.

      So I ask you where is the news he promised.

      he said he has news for us , where is it?

    • Who are "YOU"? Don't recognize YOU as one of US! You are aptly named as you are more than likely more sloth than human! Where do you get off being rude?

    • Do us a favor and go back to Israel

      and ask the CEO why he is such a liar.

      This stock will go below $7.00 very soon

    • I just returned from Israel and did some leg work. Mags is THE fence and security company in Israel. The fence is only concrete between Bethlehem and Jerusalem--mostly a mesh fence that is moveable and its security is tremendous!
      Terrorist attacks have diminished to nearly nothing as they simply can't get through.
      Israeli's are enjoying a high degree of security because of the fence and the video monitering system. The news uses the fence as an opportunity to say that Israel is drawing new borders. Not true--It just makes it very difficult for terrorists to penetrate. The fence is completely able to be dismantled! Security is very good in Israel and most I talked to think that Magal is at the leasta hold or a screaming Buy as the world will need more security. Israel's problem is the world's problem!
      Check out the website; to open your eyes on the continuing threat of terrorist for the US. (Palistinian Watch Organization listens to what the Islamic terrorists are saying to their own people!)
      The World will use Magal to assist borders from being penetrated by terrorists. This problem is NOT going away. What is Magal quiet? Because security demands a closed mouth! I hope this helps. My jet lag is terrible--now is four in the morning and I am up on Israeli time!

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