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  • bgrahamvalueinvestor bgrahamvalueinvestor May 9, 2007 6:23 PM Flag

    For those of you who missed it

    The CC was decent. However, the new CEO was hard to understand. The company expects to announce contracts for further work on Israel's seamline fence. More than $20 million of work needs to be completed in 2007. In addition the Egyptian border and the Golan heights have advanced talks of a similar security fence

    The company is in later stages of announcing a monumental partnership with a multibillion dollar integrator (European?). This partnership will enable Magal to be the security provider for the integrator's solutions world-wide. Projects would be in the tens of millions if this partnership commences later this year.

    The company is expecting a large contract to be announced in the next few weeks or so for its fortis product

    Bids airports, the US border, oil pipelines, utilitises, integration of a fortis command center in European cities as well as in Israel--6 in all. This could be huge.

    The company has launched a new camera system that can identify individuals from 1.5 km away--telecamera system

    The company's bid activity is more than twice of what it had been at the same time a year ago. The company attributes that to a very healthy environment for its products and services as well as the industry

    Magal is in discussions to acquire a profitable security company that would make Magal further profitable in 2007 and 2008 and give them a better footing with products and geographic regions that they are not as strong in.

    I was disappointed that the former CEO and current Chairman did not participate in the call. It seems clear to me that we are on the brink of something huge for the company, but the language barrier hinders the company from telling their story effectively.

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    • Keep it real, Ben.

      <<This partnership will enable Magal to be the security provider for the integrator's solutions world-wide. Projects would be in the tens of millions if this partnership commences later this year.>>

      "The" security provider? **THE** security provider? How 'bout "A" security provider. Biiig difference. Hope you hit it outta the park, Ben. You're a good dude, but you tend to make things a bit more bullish than they truly are. Just keepin' it real, my man.

      You'll be prolly be fine w/ MAGS in the long run.

    • Thanks Ben. Sorry to have been singling out ASEI, RAE, and MAGS and focusing on the year to date losses. I know deep dowm inside they are all winners over the long term. As a trader, they are mighty frustrating sometimes ;)

      Good info. on the CC. I think they are a winner long term. A buy and hold...and hold....and hold....and hold. One day, she'll explode. Thanks for keeping it honest the whole time. I let Nomad suck me in to the darkness...and it just ain't me. Too much work and against my nature.

      Good luck.

      Another HUGE reveral stick off of $10.00 yesterday. Can't look at that anyway but bullish.

    • Thanks, Ben, for your informative (as usual) post re CC.
      Yes, the accents can be a bit tricky, but with the replay button, I can usually figure out what is said. I,also, miss comments by Chairman Even-Ezra, and hope his health will allow him to take part in future calls, since he is a tremendous resource and colorful personality.
      With all that MAGS has underway already, and on the heels of such an impressive 1st quarter report, these new developments
      make it a very exciting stock to own.
      The evolving changes in MAGS, begun years ago by then-CEO
      Even-Ezra, seem to be coming in quite well.
      When you're the best at what you do, as MAGS is, and the world comes to realize that, it will seek you out.
      I believe FAR greater days lie ahead for this company.
      GO, MAGS!

    • Thank you sooooo much,Mr.Ben.

    • Thanks for the update. I missed the call. I couldn't find the replay phone number anywhere. Please post it if you know it. Thanks.

    •, what a surprise! SO you mean Magal basically said, "Thing sare going good now...and the future looks really bright...."

      LOL!! What a surprise! I would have never guessed that in my wildest dreams!! :)

      Wash, Rinse, repeat....see ya at $9.00.

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