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  • onthejobsf onthejobsf Jul 23, 2007 3:31 PM Flag

    ***BUH-BYE $10.00***

    Can't say you kids didn't have AMPLE warning...

    MAGS is releasing number on a Thursday...but don;t worry, I'm sure Habeeb will tell you all they are close to landing a huge contract!! :-)

    $7.00 on deck for MAGS. I warned you folks MONTHS ago above $12.00. Did any of you listen? Of course not...ya'll are "too osmart" to hear common sense.

    Have a great week :-)

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    • Just want to reiterate that I'm not harping on you personally...I think you are an honest man trying to make money in companies you believe in. I just hate to see you pull a "breeves" and continue to pound the table on MAGS as it keeps making new 52 week lows. It looks foolish, really.

      The stock is down 40% from $12.50 earlier this year. Do you honestly think that is a sign of a company that has "big contracts"..."right around the corner"? Of course it isn't.

      Believe it or not, insiders tell friends when to buy a stock...unethical? Absolutely. There has been no buying by anyone this year...not even INSIDERS at these "low levels". What does that tell you? Does that tell you the insiders are excited about the near future? Nope. If they were, they would be buying the crap out of this stock.

      Take a look at TIE. Massive insider buying in the low $30's. Now we can talk a different story. The recent walkdown in the stock is a gift for those wanting to get in. FOLLOW THE SMART usually works.

      Good luck Ben. MAGS will continue to sell off for the foreseeable future, imo.

    • seems like just yesterday, don't it? :-)

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      • If you held your short, good for you!

        Honestly, I like MAGS, but I too am thinking I can get in at lower prices. And normally I wouldn't set a stop, esp if I'm holding for long (avg down of course) but I've thought that there might be some big selling after the CC same tired statements etc. and no real upward movement in a bull market.

        But, I'm watching and may pull the trigger anytime. Are you planning on waiting till $5 to cover... haaa haaa. That'd be a nice one & good call.

        As some of my other posts suggest, I think there is some big$ finally ready to be spent and I think MAGS will see some.

    • It took a while...but MAGS finally broke that $10.00 support level on a CLOSING BASIS. You have all just witnessed the old addage:

      "When a stock sits too long on support, that support will break and, in turn, become strong resistance."

      $10.00 is now very strong resistance for MAGS. On Thursday, this stock will fall hard. It's loooooong overdue.

      Short 3,500 shares at $10.22.

    • Captain...she's losing power fast....can't stop her from plunging...Captain....what do we do?

      "I'm not sure crew...should have known....when stock kept face of raging bull market...that she was about to crash land soon...I'm sorry....had head lodged deep in ass...."


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