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    • What exactly makes you think, even for a nano-second, that Magal would have chance whatsoever at landing huge deals like the one's you just posted? There are WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too many American co's that (read: Raytheon, Honeywell, etc) that probably have better product to offer as a solution that Magal. You are really stretching here, imo.

      Good luck!

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      • as usual, you have no clue, you do no DD and you have a very loose sense of the truth. The FACT is Magal has been a contractor on the US borders for the last decade. Companies like Magal (thru their North American subsidiary--Senstar Stellar), AS&E, Rapiscan (OSIS), Smiths, etc...are the smaller companies with the solution that the Raytheons, Boeings, and Honeywell use directly and indirectly. Often companies like Magal will get a deal thru an integrator and not even announce the deal. Recently, AS&E had a $20 million plus order from the US govt that had no PR, no details announced, nothing from DHS.....sound familiar? It should, same thing happened recently to HBE and has occured with Magal. Its the nature of their business.

        You've been calling for the demise of Magal for years. Longer than I've ever been actively involved. Either you are completely braindead (I don't believe you are) or you are playing your games again. Its not funny, its not ethical and if you don't watch it you may end up like Martha Stewart one day. Lies and deceit on message boards is breaking the law.

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