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  • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Aug 15, 2007 7:25 PM Flag

    Kudos OTJ you called the decline of MAGS

    You won.......this round!

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    • ...or maybe 200K...3000K...or 500K.

      Smart money has been dumping slowwwwwly since earnings. Management played the same tune one too many times and the astute investor finally "saw the light". Sorry MAGS, it's pretty clear your products "ain't all that". I think I was the only one who saw it...amazing.

      $5.00 on deck

    • Ben, someone is clearing out on this. My guess is 75-100K. Not done yet by the looks.

    • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Aug 17, 2007 11:07 AM Flag

      The little selling is due to margin clerks etc..blowing out. The market's gap up was all of the short covering on market indexes....Little stocks don't participate in that. I expect to see a market rally in the afternoon.

      There is no smoking gun w/ Mags--it went down on very little volume....One or two people forced into selling (stops/margin--yesterday, this morning) It'll rally as soon as the market is convinced that a rally is coming.

      As far, as buying back shares that he got stopped out in.....I suspect that he is not interested in investing for the long haul (18 months--plus)....If he is not...then I think there are other stocks I'd look to trade.

    • Mo,

      Since you sold yesterday, JUST WAIT ON THE SIDELINES HERE. Look at what the stock is doing in the face of a 300 point Dow jump. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THE STOCK?

      Another new 52 week low this morning as the selling resumes...there is absolutely no reason to be buying here at $8.00. If you truly want "in" (not sure why since there are way to many other stocks that have huge upside potential that are not story stocks)...wait for $7.00, then begin scaling in all the way down to $4.50 (P&F target) - $5.00. That is the smart way to play it.

      Don't get suckered into buying up here. The chart is screaming sell. PATIENCE, mo...PATIENCE. Let it come down to you.

    • OTJ is correct........stops are for your head only. I actually never use stops--ever. The problem of uaing stops is exacerbated with microcap stocks. If you have a stop in on a microcap that is relatively close to its current price (10-15%) will be hit more often than not.

      Stocks like MAGS are not very liquid in corrections. I am always ready a sell off w/ my stocks. I don't carry many positions so its not hard to know exactly when, what and why to add to a weak stock. Sometimes you move out of the way and wait for others' stops to come in and gobble up cheap shares. Keep in mind, MAGS dropped to its 52 week low (and a multi-year low) on a so so earnings report, not a bad report. One or two investors that had a decent sized position cut and ran that led to others bailing when few besides me and a couple of others were buying. Now some will feel its okay to pick up more when the market begins to rally. Good Luck. If you BELIEVE in MAGS try buying back in. If you don't....move need to be patient and understand the risk/reward implicitly to really maximize your gains in a stock like Magal. I'd scale back in rather than trying to buy at 8 or 8.25 or 8.50 etc....

      Good Luck!

    • I never place stops in an account...I keep them in my head for only MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to see! You're right though, it probably wouldn't have mattered with MAGS. Not sure why you sold if you were planning on holding for 24 month window? Maybe better to average down at lower prices instead? If it was a trade only, it was a good move.

      Down almost 4% a/h.

      markets put in quit a reversal hammer today. Will have to see how the re-test of today's lows hold in the markets. lots of great stocks out there to buy. I like TIE, SWHC, EXEL, and of course, ASEI (all bullish charts).

      Good luck

    • My stop must have been visible. I actually think E*Trade has a tool to hide it from the market, I forgot. Not that it would have mattered.

    • "...may as well hold on..."

      My thoughts exactly on BRLC. It's not a huge position anyhow.


      As for MAGS, I was stopped out at $7.75 knowing we break that, look out below. (small position, miniscule loss)

      So, guess we'll wait and see where she lands.

    • No joking
      where ya gonna buy this MAGS?

      >>Lots of people don't realize that cash is a position.

      You should've taught me that little earlier, sensei.

    • having said that about BRLC...there does seem to be decent support at $5ish, so may as well hold on since your around breakeven anyway. Depends on your risk level.

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