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  • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Aug 24, 2007 1:02 AM Flag

    Dream Box order on its way

    The USA ACA Fort Belvoir, Capital District Contracting Center requires the following items, Meet or Exceed, to the following:
    LI 001, DreamBox The Dreambox brings together the functions of video motion detection and additional video analysis sytems. It will have the capability of video storage and have the capacity for up to eight cameras each and have network capability for monitoring and playback., 10, EA;
    LI 002, Software and Components Applications, , 1, EA;
    LI 003, Racks, braces, panels, doors, shelf...., 10, EA;
    LI 004, Labor and Installation, 1, EA;

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    • bengrahamvalueinvestor bengrahamvalueinvestor Aug 24, 2007 10:27 AM Flag

      CCTV for McChord AFB Security Forces

      Document Type: Sources Sought Notice
      Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-FA4479-07-R-0009
      Posted Date: Mar 29, 2007
      Archive Date: Apr 20, 2007
      Original Response Date: Apr 05, 2007
      Current Response Date: Apr 05, 2007
      Classification Code: 99 -- Miscellaneous
      Naics Code: 334290 -- Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing

      Contracting Office Address
      Department of the Air Force, Air Mobility Command, 62nd CONS, 100 COL JOE JACKSON BLVD, SUITE 2001 P O BOX 4178, McChord AFB, WA, 98438, UNITED STATES
      The government intends to award a firm-fixed price, sole-source contract pursuant to FAR Part 12. Solicitation No. FA4479-07-R-0009 at McChord Air Force Base, WA. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. Standard Industrial Code: 3669; NAICS: 334290; Size Standard 750 employees. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NOTICE OF INTENT WAS ERRONEOUSLY POSTED AS A PRESOLICITATION NOTICE WITH NAICS 238210. The government intends to award a firm-fixed price contract sole-single source contract with ADVANTOR SYSTEMS CORPORATION, FL, on or about 5 April 2007 for the purchase of the following: Forty eight (47) separate CCTV cameras and one (1) thermal imaging camera will be divided into 15 Zones and located at strategic locations across the base. Video from the cameras will employ base networking infrastructure to reduce the amount of additional fiber infrastructure that would be required to support this system. CCTV video will be fed to four (4) 42? plasma monitors, located at the Security Forces Squadron Law Enforcement Desk. The intelligent video signal will also be processed through a ?Dreambox? processor located near the ASN (Advantage Suite for Networks (ASN) Version 4.1) console. The CCTV system must be capable of outputting this processed signal to the preexisting ASN system for display, alarm notification and analysis. This will alert the base security forces of any condition within a CCTV detected alarm parameter, and allow for the required video assessment of the alarmed condition. To accomplish this seamless integration, the contractor must have manufacturers? certification to install interface equipment necessary to integrate into the Advantor ASN system, which is Air Force Certified for PL1 ? PL4. Equipment mounted within and connected to the ASN Certified monitoring console must be accomplished in full compliance with the Certification provided on the Advantor ASN. Government Point of Contact: Amn Tara Creekmore, Contract Specialist, 253-982-2399, or MSgt Elke Lott, Contracting Officer, 253-982-1082. Fax: 253-982-3656; Email:

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      • Oh boy....are you reaching or what, Ben?

        Do you honestly think the "DreamBox" they are referring to has anything whatsoever to do with MAGS? Do yourself a favor and google "DreamBox" and see what pops's a box used for high quality video imaging via sattelite. I'll give you an excerpt:

        <<<Today, we can get the 3rd generation of settop boxes. The Dreambox is one of the popular 3rd generation boxes. Based on a powerful IBM PowerPC (not PC !) with an MPEG1/2 hardware decoder, this box is FULLY open, with an open source Linux operating system. The Dreambox not only offers high quality video and audio, but also has a variety of connections to the outside world: Ethernet, USB, PS2, Compact Flash and two Smartcard readers. The box can handle any dish configuration, an unlimited number of channels or satellites, has a very fast channel scan, allows for direct digital recording, etc. To receive encrypted channels, you need the proper decryption card from the appropriate organization and a PCMCIA CAM which supports your card. Alternatively, you can load a firmware that enables the built-in smart card readers to handle your decryption card. As the Dreambox is more a computer than a consumer electronic device, it can hang some time and it takes a bit of time to learn how to use its full potential.>>>>>

        And the company that was referenced in the contract win (ADVANTOR SYSTEMS CORPORATION) appears to be eating Magal's lunch in the intrusion market. I've told you all along that an American company would have the same, if not better, technology than Magal was offering. Why do you think companies like Advantor is landing all those massive contracts and Magal isn't? The charts have preceeded the news on MAGS my friend. There will be no orders for MAGS.

        Nowhere in the posting does it mention MAGS. It is about another ADVANTOR SYSTEMS contract win. ADVANTOR SYSTEMS does not appear to have any connections with MAGS.

        Since you like the intrusion detection niche so much, maybe you can visit Advantor and beg them to go public. These guys look like they kick serious azz in this industry and offer the same, if not better, than MAGS.

        FYI, Ben :-)

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