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  • juicyjessica24 juicyjessica24 Apr 11, 2012 1:58 PM Flag


    no matter how good the numbers are, the parties who control the active trading in this stock will have the final say on the stock valuation/price. They will base it on how many naive bagholders they can strangle to death lol
    The % short number is not accurate because it changes every single day, those daily activities are not accounted for.


    "Most trading done by Goldman is not speculative, but rather an attempt to profit from bid-ask spreads in the process of acting as a market maker. On average, around 68 percent of Goldman's revenues and profits are derived from trading"

    • Juicy..for the short term you have something..the trouble is that the wall street crooks have scared most of the people out of the markets..notice how low the volume is on even the top percentage gainers..there are many bargains but if the people do not care even the good stocks will drift lower..patience is the key..I just sold some of the LVS that I bought back in 3-2009 for $2 a share for $61 a share..they can keep a good stock down for only so long and then the good news will drive the stock higher most of the times...there are trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines earnings 1/2 of one % but the New York Crooks have scared the people..Good luck with your investing and let me know if you spot any GEMS..I am hoping that my does something good this year..they have to get a TSA order but it is slow in coming..patience.

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