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  • Stock_Meister_98 Stock_Meister_98 Apr 13, 1998 10:38 AM Flag


    TokyoJoe picks this stock, so that's good enough for me!! Buy MAGSF!

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    • Well I have a total of 14 days experience in buying stocks and I heard this hot tip(?)from none other then Tmex and I jumped in at 3.75 and was about ready to take my bath and move on but todays news gives me hope...pleas keep the info flowing.My other pick was PNLK and its headed for the moon....I hope,in at.98

    • First quarter earnings came in at 6 cents per share ($.057/share). Since the average PE for "Security Systems and Services" companies is 22, we should be looking at a $5/share company here and it continues to grow at a faster than average clip. Tightly held company combined with improved earnings and a boosted public awareness (via TokyoJoe) could create a real short-term buying opportunity.


    • Hi,
      I bought MAGSF on the rec. of TMEXX. I am not in the inner circle, I am just one of many who read his picks. MAGSF is a
      stock that I am familiar with from a couple of years ago when the TWA flt 800 caused rampant specualtion in bomb detection stocks.
      At the time, I chose another stock which I was more familiar with but I am hoping that MAGSF has some good sales results. What
      are estimates and how are sales going now? Would anyone with more info on this stock and its prospects share this info?
      BTW, the webpage of MAGSF is well done. Have you been there or near the perimeter?
      All the best of luck,

    • There were three days of buying over three week period. You are probably correct. I don't know, but I suspect that if you check each of TM's recommendation you will find the same pattern. If this is the case, no chance of success with his recommendations unless you are part of the inner circle. Any how, appears there was a number done on this stock. Don't even see it mentioned anymore on TM's SI thread. Appreciate comments. Don't know if such actions are proper or not.

    • Stock traded 3700 shares on April 8 and closed at 2 1/2 unchanged. Traded 222,000 on April 9 and closed at 3 1/4 up 3/4. That was the day tmex was filling his sack with this stock. Then he recommended to his lemmings on April 13 who bought and are now buried.

    • Itwwire2 - there was actually a significant upward movement in price on April 9th along with the heavier volume, as dontforgetlogin alludes to in the post immediately preceding this one.

    • You could raise the same questions about going from 700 shares one day to 30k the next. The rule is 'as long as it's
      balanced a price at rest tends to stay that way and a price in motion continues on its way.' On the other hand, between 3/5 and 3/11
      (the day we had the 150k volume) the price dropped from $3 to 2 5/8 (12 1/2 %). The rise in valium halted the drop, which would
      indicate a lot of accumulation though surely a bit of panic selling too. On 3/23 we had close to 250k and a rise of 10% from 2.5 to
      2.75. Not an easy feat for a stock that had fallen from $6 a few months ago and was resting securely on the 52-week floor. Again,
      it looks like accumulation. The recommendation came out on the 9th, Thursday, so that accounts for the rise on that day. I'm
      glad you pointed that out. Usually, a stock won't turn around until the accumulators and the screaming meamies have it out.


    • I can't say it is any thing more than a coencidence, but if you will check daily volume you will fing heavy volume on March 11th (about 225,000 shares with no increase in price, on March 23rd (about l75,000 with no increase in price)and on
      April 9th (about 210,000 with no increase in price). Then all of a sudden we see about 600,000 on last monday, the same day as the recommendation and the price shoots up suddenly only to fall back shortly after market opening. Like I said, don't know, but looks strange to me. I do believe this is a good stock, though, for long term. That also makes it a good stock to manipulate should some have a mind and yen to do so. My observations only. Appreciate some thoughts. Thanks.

    • I erred in my first posting: It's not $.54/share, it's $.35/share without the acquisition and merger costs.

      Look at the end of year report for 1997, specifically the 4th quarter. I use the 4th quarter because Senstar (Canada and Germany) and Perimeter Products Inc didn't contribute for the whole year anyhow. In the 4th quarter, Magal would have earned almost $.09/share without the acquisition and merger costs. Four quarters like that, we have $.35/share.

      What's the average PE for 'security systems and services' companies? I looked at all the companies that Yahoo! lists under
      that category, excluded all those losing money and eliminated the high three and the low three PE's (one was 8000+ and another
      was 3 but was losing revenue). The average PE is 22.0 Here they are: href= target=new > This would
      put a reasonable estimate for MAGSF at $7.7 per share. MexicoJoe's forecast seems kind of tame doesn't it?


    • Maybe I should have said that another way. Barron's did not mention Magal. The old saw is: It's better to buy a stock
      recommended in Barron's a couple weeks after it's published. Message boards go a long way towards price deterioration. Say a stock is
      recommended by a popular advisor. The day traders get in and make a hit. They never sell at the peak. They're sore and they tend to bash
      the stock once they get out. Much like a teen who gets grounded. The real value hasn't been lost but investors can't remember
      why the heck they're there. Just remember: The weather's never so nice as after the storm has passed. I think we're going to see
      the teens one way or the other.


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