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  • There were stories about this on CNN, and they
    referred to the Invision devices. The invision units were
    also the ones they showed in the video footage
    accompanying the story. Seems to me like thats good news for
    MAGSF- the story said these devices had many false
    alarms and weren't really being used very much by the

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    • Of course we don't know which U.S. Airports are
      testing the Magal products, but I believe there are two.
      Let us hope our products are proving to be superior
      and that they will be chosen immediatly to replace
      the Invision junks. This certainly seems like it will
      boost attention for us. Jerry.

    • The CNN story on the Invision machine was true,
      but misleading. Firstly the report by the Inspector
      General to Congress was politicaly biased. Secondly the
      false alarm rate is reported as higher in the field
      than during FAA testing but...

      - it is still by
      far the lowest false alarm rate in the
      industry, so is only high relative to the testing no other

      - reportedly the data is from an unusual case where
      the machines where not used on typical

      Also the story left out the fact that the same report
      recommended a federal funding level of $100 million/year for
      the next 6 years
      for airline baggage security. Of
      this the bulk will probably go to EDS certified
      systems. For fiscal '99 that leaves only Invision,
      although L3 may have succeed in getting certs next year
      (although I believe they've failed 3 tries

      Anyway if you want to learn more about the aviation
      security industry, there are some good posts on the INVN,
      VVID, and ALOG sight.

      Happy investing!

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