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  • smallcapman smallcapman Aug 21, 1998 3:32 PM Flag

    MAGSF highly diversified : Great Potenti

    What most people don't know is that MAGSF is a
    highly diversified company. Not just bomb detection
    alone but 2 more subsidiaries that bring in money and
    profits. Perimeter protection, intruder alarms and Bomb
    Detection systems, Innovative microwave based alarm systems
    etc., MAGSF owns Senstar-Stellar Corp, based in Canada
    and USA and Perimeter products based in USA. These
    profitable acquistions and diversifcation make this company
    a much better value proposition than most

    With the Westgaard conference coming in NY next month
    in September my guess is that this stock is going to
    be in great demand soon and should shoot up to 12 to
    14 $ in that timeframe if not earlier.. Long term
    hold..nothing to loose proposition at any price in 3 or 4 and

    Check out links below for more information:

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    • Like many people I got interested in this area
      when TWA 800 went down. After taking 200%+ profit in
      Invision and waiting for the dust to settle, I looked at
      the players in airport security and bomb detection to
      see who had the products, and who had the best

      Magal rose to the top on both counts so I
      bought it on promise. No profits yet; no regrets. Still
      a strong believer.

      What I don't know is
      Israel tax law and how it affects shareholder value.

      Will Israeli Directors and management be penalized for
      paper profits if the stock takes off? What are the
      stock options and incentives for management? How
      committed are the key company players to boosting market

      Did anyone dig that out?

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      • I feel this is a very well managed company. They
        are increasing shareholder worth by more and more
        profitable acquisitions and diversification. Within a year
        we could even see a 20 cent dividend per year . Then
        guess what the stock should be worth ?.

        I think
        this company based in Israel, does not have crazy
        management who fritter away stocks and options and cashout
        and cheat the stockholders. Profits are their
        bottomline goal and good profitable acquisitions are their
        goals too.

        To be frank, I am here because of
        TexMex. But of all his picks, I think MAGSF and INTK are
        the only two good picks he has made in my opinion.
        Though I hate that asshole to death,.. I strongly feel
        these two are the greatest picks he has ever made. He
        has cost me enough, but I am very hopeful that these
        two are going to be my trump cards.

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