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  • gofobroke gofobroke Dec 29, 1998 11:06 PM Flag

    If we can't get...

    a picture on the fundamentals, turn to the
    charts. Pull up the 50 and 200 day moving average
    (Yahoo). Note that the only time the stock sustained a
    rally above the 200 mark was mid-'96 period. Stock is
    currently trading above the 50 mark and looks like (with a
    little push northward) it will be trading above the 200

    May be this will attract some interest.
    Obviously, a lack of reporting on the fundamentals pushes
    away the buy side.

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    • I've got a stock, LoJack, whose product will
      usually catch a car thief within an hour with the help of
      the police. Ten years ago, it wasn't feasible. Now
      it's a necessity. Magal is the same deterent to
      intruders and electronics have come a long way toward
      sealing a border or company; the fail-rate is now near
      zero. The similarity between the two companies is now
      greater, because the Israeli government has exclusive
      orders with Magal.

      Sure, MAGSF has been in a
      downtrend, but the question you should be asking is whether
      the world is ready for a new wave of terrorism. Are
      companies up to speed, yet? Has a perimeter defense system
      become a necessity? Hussein now has the US withdrawing
      some forces, and as they gain confidence (or
      obsessiveness) there will probably be more skirmishes in the no
      fly zone. Every terrorist activity that occurs will
      invoke conspiracy theories. We all know that in the
      world of electronics, a couple years development is
      generations. Business has to keep up with changes because the
      terrorist does too.

      It's inappropriate to judge
      accounting methods. They ARE reporting to the SEC and if
      they are giving the SEC different figures than the
      ones they give us, the SEC is entitled to a '3 times
      discrepancy' restitution. One method of accounting MAY be
      better than another but the bottom line is that as the
      outlook on terrorism becomes more pessimistic, the
      company will be perceived a more valuable asset.

      You can't make a case for 'loading up the truck with
      MAGSF' but I don't think I'd want to wait for more acts
      of terrorism either.


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